10 Facts About Helsinki Airport


Helsinki Airport is by far the busiest in Finland and the fourth busiest in the Nordic countries in terms of passenger numbers.

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Helsinki Airport is the main hub for Finnair, the flag carrier of Finland, and its subsidiary Nordic Regional Airlines.

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In 2011, Helsinki Airport saw its biggest growth in a single year in the number of passengers.

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In 2014, Helsinki Airport introduced the world's first passenger tracking system, which automatically monitors crowd congestion and prevents bottlenecks at the airport.

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Helsinki Airport's signage is in English, Finnish, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

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Helsinki Airport CDM aims to reduce costs, achieve lower emissions, improve punctuality of operations and increase customer satisfaction at the airport.

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In 2017, Helsinki Airport experienced the third highest growth rate and the second biggest increase in passenger numbers in the last 20 years.

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Helsinki Airport saw its first long-haul route on 15 May 1969 when Finnair commenced flights to New York City via Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

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Nonetheless, Helsinki has the largest number of Asian destinations of all Nordic airports and in 2015, the airport was the fifth busiest airport in Europe in terms of flights to Asia.

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Part of the rehaul of Helsinki Airport has included the development of a contextual engine that uses artificial intelligence to digest passenger data in ways that make passing through the airport a more pleasant experience.

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