12 Facts About Howard Vollum


Charles Howard Vollum was an American electronics engineer, businessman, and philanthropist in Oregon, United States.

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Howard Vollum was the co-founder of Tektronix Corporation, and endowed the Vollum Institute.

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Howard Vollum was born on May 31,1913, in Portland, Oregon.

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Howard Vollum attended Portland's Catholic Columbia University from 1931 to 1933, then transferred to Reed College in 1934, where, in 1936, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Physics.

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Howard Vollum was later awarded the Legion of Merit for this work.

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In 1946, Howard Vollum co-founded Tektronix with Jack Murdock, becoming equal partners, along with Murdock's fellow former "coastie" Miles Tippery, and accountant Glenn McDowell.

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Howard Vollum served as president of the company from 1946 until 1971.

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Howard Vollum remained on its board of directors until his death, and was board chairman until 1984 and then vice chairman.

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Howard Vollum developed an interest in experiments measuring bio-electrical phenomena, and this ultimately provided his philanthropic motivation and led Vollum to endow an institute for advanced biomedical research at OHSU.

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Howard Vollum supported many Oregon educational institutions, including Reed College in Portland, which has a prominent academic building and student activity program named for him.

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Howard Vollum helped found the Oregon Graduate Institute, in 1965, with a $2 million grant and, upon his death in 1986, bequeathed $14.

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Howard and Jean Vollum funded the construction of the Library Building at Mount Angel Abbey in Mt.

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