27 Facts About Reed College


Reed College is a private liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon.

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Reed College is ranked fourth in the United States for all postsecondary institutions for the percentage of its graduates who go on to earn a Ph.

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Reed College has developed a reputation for the political progressivism of its student body.

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Reed College has a TRIGA research reactor on campus, making it the only school in the United States to have a nuclear reactor operated primarily by undergraduates.

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Reed College requires all students to complete a thesis during the senior year as a prerequisite of graduation.

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Reed College maintains a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and its small classes emphasize a "conference" style where the professor often acts as a mediator for discussion rather than a lecturer.

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Reed College is singled out as having little to no grade inflation over the years; only ten students graduated with a perfect 4.

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Reed College has no fraternities or sororities and few NCAA sports teams although physical education classes are required for graduation.

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Reed College has several intercollegiate athletic clubs, most notably the basketball, rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, and soccer teams.

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Reed College is ranked third in the percentage of graduates who go on to earn PhDs in all disciplines, after only Caltech and Harvey Mudd.

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Reed College's debating team, which had existed for only two years at the time, was awarded the first place sweepstakes trophy for Division II schools at the final tournament of the Northwest Forensics Conference in February 2004.

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Since the 1960s, Reed College has had a reputation for tolerating open drug use among its students.

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Reed College's death prompted revelations of several previous incidents, including the near-death heroin overdose of another student only months earlier.

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In February 2012, the Reed College administration chose to call the police following the discovery of "two to three pounds of marijuana and a small amount of ecstasy and LSD in the on-campus apartment of two juniors.

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Reed College campus was established on a tract of land in southeast Portland known in 1910 as Crystal Springs Farm, a part of the Ladd Estate, formed in the 1870s from original land claims.

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Since 2004, Reed College's campus has expanded to include adjacent properties beyond its historic boundaries, such as the Birchwood Apartments complex and former medical administrative offices on either side of SE 28th Avenue, and the Parker House, across SE Woodstock from Prexy.

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Reed College announced on July 13, 2007, that it had purchased the Rivelli farm, a 1.

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On February 21, 2018, Reed College announced the construction of the "largest residence hall in its history.

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The new building is designed to meet "LEED Platinum standards, " and Reed College is currently evaluating proposals to put solar panels on the roof.

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On Canyon Day students and Reed College neighbors join canyon crew workers to spend a day helping with restoration efforts.

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Scrounging is a long tradition at Reed College allowing students to offer unfinished Commons' food to students without board points from their trays as they are returned to be washed.

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Reed College Co-ops are a theme community that reside in the Farm and Garden Houses, after many years on the first floor of MacNaughton Hall.

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School song, "Fair Reed College, " is sung to the tune of the 1912 popular song "Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms.

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One of the unofficial symbols of Reed College is the Doyle Owl, a roughly 280-pound concrete statue that has been continuously stolen and re-stolen since about 1919.

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Reed College Arts Week is a week-long celebration of the arts at Reed College.

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Reed College has been featured prominently in several books and movies.

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Reed College campus has been the set of several motion pictures since 1977.

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