35 Facts About Huntsville


Huntsville is a city in Madison County, Limestone County, and Morgan County, Alabama, United States.

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Huntsville was founded within the Mississippi Territory in 1805 and became an incorporated town in 1811.

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Huntsville is the largest city in the five-county Huntsville-Decatur-Albertville, AL Combined Statistical Area.

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In 1811, Huntsville became the first incorporated town in what is Alabama.

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Huntsville built the David Wade House on the north side of what is Bob Wade Lane, just east of Mt.

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In 1819, Huntsville hosted a constitutional convention in Walker Allen's large cabinet-making shop.

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In 1855, the Memphis and Charleston Railroad was constructed through Huntsville, becoming the first railway to link the Atlantic seacoast with the lower Mississippi River.

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Huntsville initially opposed secession from the Union in 1861, but provided many men for the Confederacy's efforts.

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The Fourth Alabama Infantry, which contained two Huntsville companies, were the first Alabama troops to fight in the war.

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Nine generals of the war were born in or near Huntsville; five fought for the Confederacy and four for the Union.

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Many houses and buildings were burned, although most of Huntsville was kept intact as it housed both Union officers and troops.

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Huntsville became a center for cotton textile mills, such as Lincoln, Dallas, and Merrimack.

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Huntsville became known as the Watercress Capital of the World because of its abundant harvest in the area.

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Huntsville's economy was nearly crippled and growth almost came to a standstill in the 1970s following the closure of the Apollo program.

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Since 2000, Huntsville has become the second-largest technology and research park in the nation, and ranks among the top 25 most educated cities in the nation.

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The University of Alabama in Huntsville created a doctoral program in biotechnology to help develop scientists to support HudsonAlpha in addition to the emerging biotechnology economy in Huntsville.

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Huntsville has grown through recent annexations west into Limestone County, a total of 21.

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Huntsville is near the center of a large area of the U S mid-South that has maximum precipitation in the winter and spring, not summer.

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Since Huntsville is nearly 300 miles inland, hurricanes rarely arrive with their full force; however, many weakened tropical storms cross the area after a U S Gulf Coast landfall.

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The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a center for technology and engineering research in the area.

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Huntsville has one enclosed mall, Parkway Place, built in 2002 on the site of the former Parkway City Mall.

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Huntsville remains the center for rocket-propulsion research in NASA and the Army.

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The Huntsville branches are the Bailey Cove Branch Library, Bessie K Russell Branch Library, Downtown Huntsville Library, Eleanor E Murphy Branch Library, Oscar Mason Branch Library, and Showers Center Library.

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Arts Huntsville promotes the visual arts with two galleries: art@TAC, using the walls near the Von Braun Center offices and the JavaGalleria.

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Huntsville Life Magazine is a lifestyle magazine, which is published six times annually.

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No'Ala Huntsville is a lifestyle magazine, which is published six times annually.

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Huntsville is the 106th largest radio market in the United States.

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Huntsville DMA serves fifteen counties in north Alabama and six counties in southern Middle Tennessee.

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Public transit in Huntsville is run by the city's Department of Parking and Public Transit.

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Huntsville is served by the Meridianvilleā€“located Madison County Executive Airport, sometimes denoted as Huntsville Executive Airport due to its proximity to the city.

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Inland Port of Huntsville combines the Huntsville International Airport, International Intermodal Center, and Jetplex Industrial Park for truck, train and air transport.

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Huntsville's government is working to improve bicycle network within the city limits.

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In 2020, Huntsville released a master plan for a 70-mile bicycling and walking trail, named Singing River Trail of North Alabama, to connect downtown Huntsville to the cities of Madison, Decatur, and Athens.

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Many Huntsville firefighters are members of the regional Hazardous Materials and Heavy Rescue response teams.

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Huntsville has two volunteer public safety organizations in their city.

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