18 Facts About Impact Wrestling


Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions LLC, commonly known by its trade name Impact Wrestling, is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Impact Wrestling was viewed by some to have fallen behind longtime rival Ring of Honor in 2017, with the loss of their US television contract with Spike in 2014, as well as monetary and personnel issues, being noted as factors to their decline.

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Since 2019, Impact Wrestling has been thought by many to have recovered, through its sustained international television distribution, and the purchase by its parent company of AXS TV, which subsequently began carrying Impact Wrestling programming.

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Nonetheless, with the formation of All Elite Wrestling that year, and that promotion's high-profile US television deal with TNT, Impact is still viewed as a smaller promotion by comparison.

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Concept of TNA originated shortly after World Championship Impact Wrestling ended in 2001, with the World Impact Wrestling Federation gaining a monopoly on the industry.

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On November 7,2011, TNA revealed that Ohio Valley Impact Wrestling would become TNA's official developmental territory.

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On May 31,2012, Impact Wrestling began airing live at a new start time of 8 pm EST on Thursday nights.

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On January 7,2015, Impact Wrestling moved to Destination America, with a live debut from The Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom in New York City.

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Impact Wrestling announced a partnership with live streaming service Twitch to produce content for their platform, starting with Brace for Impact, which was co-promoted with New Jersey-based promotion WrestlePro.

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In February 2021, Impact Wrestling launched Before the Impact Wrestling, and Xplosion was canceled after 19 years the following month.

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In June 2017, the then-recently rebranded Impact Wrestling held a show in India, becoming the first major US promotion to hold events that country.

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Impact Wrestling hasn't returned to Universal Studios since then, and would later sell set items from their soundstage in Orlando.

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In 2019, Impact Wrestling held tapings in Philadelphia, Dallas, New York City, Houston, Windsor, Mexico City, Nashville, Toronto, Rahway, Fort Campbell, Owensboro, and other venues in Ontario.

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On October 23,2021, Impact Wrestling held their first event outside of Nashville in a year and a half with Bound for Glory, which took place just outside of Las Vegas in Sunrise Manor, Nevada.

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Impact Wrestling has worked with several international wrestling promotions, with championships from those promotions sometimes having been defended at Impact Wrestling events.

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Impact Wrestling has worked with North American independent promotions in various collaborative efforts, such as the original Global Force Wrestling, OMEGA Championship Wrestling and Evolve Wrestling.

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Impact Wrestling would begin a partnership with All Elite Wrestling in December 2020, and furthered its re-established relationship with NJPW in February 2021.

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Impact Wrestling wrestlers are classified as independent contractors and are not offered health coverage through the promotion.

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