22 Facts About James Baker

1. James Baker met his first wife, the former Mary Stuart McHenry, of Dayton, Ohio while on spring break in Bermuda with the Princeton University rugby team.

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2. James Baker began service on the Rice University Board of Trustees in 1993.

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3. James Baker was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2008.

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4. James Baker is Senior Counselor for the Carlyle Group, and the bin Ladens are among its major investors.

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5. James Baker was portrayed in the film by British actor Tom Wilkinson.

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6. James Baker left behind the Baker II plan, accepted as a suitable basis of negotiations by the Polisario and unanimously endorsed by the Security Council, but rejected by Morocco.

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7. James Baker became the first American statesman to negotiate directly and officially with Palestinians in the Madrid Conference of 1991, which was the first comprehensive peace conference that involved every party involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the conference was designed to address all outstanding issues.

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8. James Baker was notable for making little and slow efforts towards improving the state of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

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9. James Baker called for Israel to "lay aside once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a greater Israel", cease the construction of Israeli settlements in West Bank and Gaza, forswear annexation of more territory, and to treat Palestinians "as neighbors who deserve political rights".

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10. James Baker warned publicly, "I will recommend to the President that the United States make no further contributions, voluntary or assessed, to any international organization which makes any changes in the PLO's status as an observer organization.

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11. James Baker blocked the recognition of Palestine by threatening to cut funding to agencies in the United Nations.

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12. James Baker was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1991.

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13. James Baker helped to construct the 34-nation alliance that fought alongside the United States in the Gulf War.

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14. James Baker played a role in the development of the Silver Eagle and the Gold Eagle, which both were released in 1986.

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15. James Baker resigned to serve as campaign manager of Ford's unsuccessful 1976 election campaign.

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16. James Baker served until May 1976, and was succeeded by Edward O Vetter.

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17. James Baker earned a bachelor of laws from the University of Texas School of Law and began to practice law in Texas.

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18. James Baker was a member of the United States Marine Corps from 1952 to 1954, attaining the rank of first lieutenant as a naval gunfire officer serving in the Mediterranean Sea aboard the USS Monrovia.

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19. James Baker served as the co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group, which Congress formed to study Iraq and the Iraq War.

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20. James Baker served as a United Nations envoy to Western Sahara and as a consultant to Enron.

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21. James Baker resigned as Treasury Secretary to manage Bush's successful 1988 campaign for president.

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22. James Baker served until May 1976, ran Ford's 1976 presidential campaign, and unsuccessfully sought election as the Attorney General of Texas.

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