42 Facts About James Buchanan

1. James Buchanan was a leading libertarian economist, Nobel Prize winner and important player in the Movement.

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2. James Buchanan went on to become the personal tutor to the young King James.

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3. In his betrayal of the national trust, James Buchanan came closer to committing treason than any other president in American history.

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4. In fact James Buchanan's failing during the crisis over the Union was not inactivity, but rather his partiality for the South, a favoritism that bordered on disloyalty in an officer pledged to defend all the United States.

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5. James Buchanan described him as "among the best, the purest and most consistent public men I have known.

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6. James Buchanan had a close and intimate relationship with William Rufus King, an Alabama politician who briefly served as vice president under Franklin Pierce.

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7. James Buchanan never publicly spoke of his motives or feelings, but letters from Anne revealed she knew of several rumors.

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8. James Buchanan considered the essence of good self-government to be founded on restraint.

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9. In his third annual message, James Buchanan claimed that the slaves were "treated with kindness and humanity.

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10. James Buchanan caught a cold in May 1868, which quickly worsened due to his advanced age.

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11. James Buchanan employed a last-minute tactic, in secret, to bring a solution.

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12. James Buchanan was forced to address it in his final message to Congress.

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13. James Buchanan would be the last Democrat to win a presidential election until the 1880s.

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14. James Buchanan claimed to have "passed triumphantly through this ordeal" with complete vindication.

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15. James Buchanan took office with an ambitious foreign policy that centered around establishing US hegemony over Central America at the expense of Great Britain.

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16. James Buchanan argued that these acts were beyond the power of the federal government as established by the Constitution.

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17. James Buchanan was reduced to a narrow base of southern supporters.

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18. James Buchanan used his patronage powers to remove Douglas sympathizers in Illinois and Washington, DC and installed pro-administration Democrats, including postmasters.

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19. Rather than accepting defeat, James Buchanan backed the English Bill, which offered Kansans immediate statehood and vast public lands in exchange for accepting the Lecompton Constitution.

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20. James Buchanan was personally offended by the polygamous behavior of Young.

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21. James Buchanan agreed with the southerners who attributed the economic collapse to overspeculation.

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22. James Buchanan had hoped that the Dred Scott decision would destroy the Republican platform, but outraged northerners denounced the decision.

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23. James Buchanan hoped that a broad Supreme Court decision protecting slavery in the territories could lay the issue to rest once and for all, allowing the country to focus on other issues, including the possible annexation of Cuba and the acquisition of more Mexican territory.

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24. Outside of the cabinet, James Buchanan left in place many of Pierce's appointments, but removed a disproportionate number of northerners who had ties to Pierce or Douglas.

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25. In fact, James Buchanan already knew the outcome of the case, and had even played a part in its disposition.

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26. In his inaugural address, James Buchanan committed himself to serving only one term, though Pierce had made the same commitment.

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27. In his victory speech, James Buchanan denounced Republicans, calling the Republican Party a "dangerous" and "geopraphical" party that had unfairly attacked the South.

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28. In the election, James Buchanan carried every slave state except for Maryland, as well as five free states, including his home state of Pennsylvania.

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29. James Buchanan met repeatedly with Lord Clarendon, the British foreign minister, in hopes of pressuring the British to withdraw from Central America.

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30. James Buchanan sailed for England in the summer of 1853, and he remained abroad for the next three years.

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31. James Buchanan became known as a "doughface" due to his sympathy towards the South.

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32. James Buchanan argued for the annexation of both Texas and the entirety of Oregon Country.

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33. James Buchanan opposed the gag rule, stating, "We have just as little right to interfere with slavery in the South, as we have to touch the right of petition.

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34. James Buchanan was reluctant to leave the country, but ultimately assented to the appointment.

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35. James Buchanan declined re-nomination to a sixth term, briefly returning to private life.

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36. In contrast, James Buchanan tended to view many New England Congressmen as dangerous radicals.

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37. James Buchanan began his political career in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a member of the Federalist Party.

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38. James Buchanan handled various types of cases, including a high-profile impeachment trial in which he successfully defended Pennsylvania Judge Walter Franklin.

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39. James Buchanan attended the village academy and, starting in 1807, Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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40. One of eleven siblings, James Buchanan was the oldest child in the family to survive infancy.

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41. James Buchanan supported the North during the Civil War and publicly defended himself against charges that he was responsible for the war.

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42. James Buchanan was born in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania, to parents of Ulster Scots descent.

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