24 Facts About Jarrod Lyle

1. Jarrod Lyle is survived by his wife and their two daughters, Lusi and Jemma.

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2. Jarrod Lyle started his professional career back in 2004 wining several major championships.

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3. Jarrod Lyle was one of the famous professional golfers who won twice on the 2008 Nationwide Tour.

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4. Jarrod Lyle competed in 20 PGA competitions and 42 tournaments total during that stretch.

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5. Jarrod Lyle was about to begin chemotherapy after a reoccurrence of leukemia.

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6. Jarrod Lyle had earned his way back onto the PGA Tour just one week before tying the knot.

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7. Jarrod Lyle claimed two professional victories through his career, both in 2008, at the Mexican Open and Knoxville Open, and had a career-high USPGA ranking of 196.

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8. Jarrod Lyle had his best finish in a PGA Tour event in February 2012 when he tied for 4th place in the Northern Trust Open.

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9. Jarrod Lyle regained his card with another good performance in the Q-School and played on the PGA Tour again 2012.

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10. Jarrod Lyle finished 4th on the money list and earned his 2009 PGA Tour card.

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11. Jarrod Lyle made only three top-25 finishes on the PGA Tour in 2007 and finished 164th on the money list and lost his Tour card.

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12. Jarrod Lyle played on the remainder of 2006 Nationwide Tour and finished 18th on the money list and earning his PGA Tour card for 2007.

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13. Jarrod Lyle played a number of tournaments on the 2005 Asian Tour and was runner-up twice, in the Macau Open and the Brunei Open.

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14. Jarrod Lyle died on 8 August 2018, less than two weeks before his 37th birthday.

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15. Jarrod Lyle began a friendship during that time with PGA Tour member and fellow Australian Robert Allenby.

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16. Jarrod Lyle played a number of seasons on the PGA Tour; his best finish being tied for 4th place in the 2012 Northern Trust Open.

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17. Jarrod Lyle was unable to meet the terms of his medical exemption and his leukemia returned in July 2017.

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18. Jarrod Lyle made his first PGA Tour start since 2012 after Monday qualifying for the Frys.

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19. Jarrod Lyle scored a hole-in-one at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2011 on the par-3 16th 'Stadium Hole' winning $25,000 for a charity of his choice.

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20. In 2010 Jarrod Lyle played tournaments on the PGA Tour and the Nationwide Tour but finished 5th in the 2010 Q-School to earn his full card on the PGA Tour for 2011.

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21. Jarrod Lyle married his long-time partner Briony Harper in December 2011.

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22. At the age of 17, Jarrod Lyle was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and was confined to his bed for nine months while undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the Royal Children's Hospital.

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23. Soon after this performance, Jarrod Lyle was diagnosed with a recurrence of leukemia, with which he was diagnosed as a teenager.

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24. Jarrod Lyle was an Australian professional golfer.

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