17 Facts About Jeep


Jeep is an American automobile marque, now owned by multi-national corporation Stellantis.

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Jeep has been part of Chrysler since 1987, when Chrysler acquired the Jeep brand, along with remaining assets, from its previous owner American Motors Corporation .

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Previously, Jeep's range included other pick-ups, as well as small vans, and a few roadsters.

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Many Jeep variants serving similar military and civilian roles have since been designed in other nations.

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Jeep marque has been headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, ever since Willys–Overland launched production of the first CJ or Civilian Jeep branded models there in 1945.

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At least two Jeep models enjoyed extraordinary three-decade production runs of a single body generation.

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The familiar pressed-metal Jeep grille was a Ford design feature and incorporated in the final design by the Army.

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Jeep has been widely imitated around the world, including in France by Delahaye and by Hotchkiss et Cie, and in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors and Toyota.

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The utilitarian good looks of the original Jeep have been hailed by industrial designers and museum curators alike.

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The FTC even slapped the company with a formal complaint, to cease and desist any claims that it "created or designed" the Jeep — Willys was only allowed to advertise its contribution to the Jeep's development.

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Willys however proceeded to produce the first Civilian Jeep branded vehicles in 1945, and simply copyrighted the Jeep name in 1946.

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Willys had seriously considered the brand name AGRIJEEP, and was granted the trademark for it in December 1944, but instead the civilian production models as of 1945 were marketed as the "Universal Jeep, " which reflected a wider range of uses outside of farming.

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The General Motors Hummer and Chrysler Jeep have been waging battle in U S courts over the right to use seven slots in their respective radiator grilles.

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Jeep advertising has always emphasized the brand's vehicles' off-road capabilities.

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CJ series were literally the first "Jeep" branded vehicles sold commercially to the civilian public, beginning in 1945 with the CJ-2A, followed by the CJ-3A in 1949 and the CJ-3B in 1953.

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Jeep is a brand of apparel of outdoor lifestyle sold under license.

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Jeep has been the title sponsor of France's top men's professional basketball league, LNB Pro A, since 2018.

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