49 Facts About Jenny McCarthy


Jennifer McCarthy Wahlberg is an American actress, model, and television personality.


Jenny McCarthy began her career in 1993 as a nude model for Playboy magazine and was later named their Playmate of the Year.


In 2013, she hosted her own television talk show The Jenny McCarthy Show, and became a co-host of the ABC talk show The View, appearing on the program until 2014.


Since 2019, Jenny McCarthy has been a judge on the Fox musical competition show The Masked Singer.


Jenny McCarthy has written several books about parenting and has promoted research into environmental causes and alternative medical treatments for autism.


Jenny McCarthy has promoted the disproven idea that vaccines cause autism, and said that chelation therapy, a quack remedy, helped cure her son of autism.


Jenny McCarthy has been described by journalists as "the nation's most prominent purveyor of anti-vaxxer ideology" and "the face of the anti-vaxx movement".


Jenny McCarthy was born on November 1,1972, at Little Company of Mary Hospital located in the southwest Chicago suburb of Evergreen Park, Illinois.


Jenny McCarthy was born to a working-class Catholic family, and has German, Irish, and Polish ancestry.


Jenny McCarthy lived in the West Elsdon neighborhood of Chicago.


Jenny McCarthy's mother, Linda, was a housewife and courtroom custodian, and her father, Dan Jenny McCarthy, was a steel mill foreman.


Jenny McCarthy became the Playmate of the Month for October 1993.


Jenny McCarthy's layout emphasized her Catholic upbringing with a schoolgirl theme.


Jenny McCarthy was later made the Playmate of the Year, and was paid a $100,000 salary.


In 1994, because of her newfound public attention, Jenny McCarthy moved to Los Angeles and, for a time, hosted Hot Rocks, a Playboy TV show featuring uncensored music videos.


Jenny McCarthy's job as a co-host was a success, and Playboy wanted her to do more modeling.


Jenny McCarthy left after the match with the victor, Diesel.


The first one was an MTV sketch comedy show The Jenny McCarthy Show, which was sufficiently popular for NBC to sign her for an eponymous sitcom later that year, Jenny.


In 2005, Jenny McCarthy produced, wrote, and starred in the film Dirty Love, which was directed by her husband at the time, John Asher.


Jenny McCarthy was the voice of Six in the third season of Canadian computer-animated science-fiction cartoon Tripping the Rift.


Jenny McCarthy has continued her work with Playboy over the years, both as a model and in other capacities.


Jenny McCarthy appeared on the cover of the magazine's January 2005 issue wearing a leopard skin version of the company's iconic "bunny suit" and was featured in a pictorial shot at Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion in that same issue.


Jenny McCarthy was the second woman and first former Playmate to become a celebrity photographer for the Playboy Cyber Club, where she photographed model Jennifer Madden.


Jenny McCarthy was Cyber Girl of the Week for September 27,2004, and Cyber Girl of the Month for January 2005.


In 2007, Jenny McCarthy starred in a five-episode online series, called In the Motherhood, along with Chelsea Handler and Leah Remini.


Jenny McCarthy appeared in two video games: playing the role of Agent Tanya in the video game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, replacing Kari Wuhrer, and the fitness video game Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy.


Until her marriage, Jenny McCarthy was known for kissing a member of the US Armed Forces at the stroke of midnight; the kiss was reserved for her husband after her marriage.


Jenny McCarthy was the host of season 2 of Love in the Wild, which aired in the summer of 2012 on NBC.


In 2013, Jenny McCarthy appeared in a series of commercials for Blu electronic cigarettes.


Jenny McCarthy debuted as a co-host on September 9,2013.


The title of the show was changed to The Jenny McCarthy Show on July 12,2016.


Jenny McCarthy is one of the panelists on The Masked Singer.


In one magazine ad, Jenny McCarthy posed on a toilet seat with her underwear near her ankles.


In May 2007, Jenny McCarthy announced that Evan had been diagnosed with autism in 2005.


Jenny McCarthy wrote that he was gifted, a "crystal child", and that she was an "indigo mom".


Jenny McCarthy definitely has quirks and issues from the seizures.


Jenny McCarthy has a little bit of brain damage due to his seizures.


Jenny McCarthy participated in fundraisers, online chats, and other activities for the non-profit organization to help families affected by autism spectrum disorders.


Jenny McCarthy's book dealing with autism, Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism, was published September 17,2007.


Jenny McCarthy said both in her book and during her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show that her husband was unable to deal with their son's autism, which led to their divorce.


Jenny McCarthy has claimed on talk shows and at rallies that chelation therapy helped her son recover from autism.


Jenny McCarthy's public presence and vocal activism on the vaccination-autism controversy, led, in 2008, to her being awarded the James Randi Educational Foundation's Pigasus Award, which is a tongue-in-cheek award granted for contributions to pseudoscience, for the "Performer Who Has Fooled the Greatest Number of People with the Least Amount of Effort".


In 2019 Rolling Stone magazine published a list of seventeen anti-vaccination celebrities, from which according to Stuart Vyse Jenny McCarthy was one of the most active anti-vaccine celebrities.


In January 2011, Jenny McCarthy defended Wakefield, saying that he had listened to parents, reported what they said, and recommended further investigation:.


One month later in May 2014, Jenny McCarthy published an opinion-editorial addressing her position on vaccines, which specifically mentions Kluger:.


Jenny McCarthy, who is savvy, telegenic, and pulchritudinous, is the person most visibly associated with the deadly and authoritatively discredited anti-vaccine movement in the United States.


Jenny McCarthy finished as co-host of the show in 2014, nine months after her debut.


Jenny McCarthy announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 2,2008, that she and Carrey were living together but had no plans to marry, as they did not need a "piece of paper".


In July 2013, Jenny McCarthy stated that she was dating singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg, known for being a member of New Kids on the Block and the television series Blue Bloods.