6 Facts About John Dean

1. In February 2018, John Dean warned that Rick Gates's testimony may be "the end" of Trump's presidency.

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2. On September 17, 2009, John Dean appeared on Countdown with new allegations about Watergate in hand.

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3. On March 31, 2006, John Dean testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee during hearings on censuring the president over the issue.

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4. In 2001, John Dean published The Rehnquist Choice: The Untold Story of the Nixon Appointment that Redefined the Supreme Court, an expose of the White House's selection process for a new Supreme Court justice in 1971, which led to the accession of William Rehnquist to the United States' highest court.

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5. In the 1999 film Dick, John Dean was played by Jim Breuer.

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6. On June 25, 1973, John Dean began his testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee.

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