33 Facts About Jonah Goldberg


Jonah Goldberg writes a weekly column about politics and culture for the Los Angeles Times.

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In October 2019, Jonah Goldberg became founding editor of the online opinion and news publication The Dispatch.

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Jonah Goldberg has authored the No 1 New York Times bestseller Liberal Fascism, released in January 2008; The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas, released in 2012; and Suicide of the West, which was published in April 2018 and became a New York Times bestseller, reaching No 5 on the list the following month.

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Jonah Goldberg is a regular contributor on news networks such as CNN and MSNBC, appearing on various television programs including Good Morning America, Nightline, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Real Time with Bill Maher, Larry King Live, Your World with Neil Cavuto, the Glenn Beck Program, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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Jonah Goldberg was an occasional guest on a number of Fox News shows such as The Five, The Greg Gutfeld Show, and Outnumbered.

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Jonah Goldberg was a frequent panelist on Special Report with Bret Baier.

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From 2006 to 2010, Jonah Goldberg was a frequent participant on bloggingheads.

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Jonah Goldberg has been a noted critic of President Donald Trump, fellow Republicans, and the conservative media complex during and after the Trump presidency.

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In speaking about his upbringing, Jonah Goldberg has said that his mother is an Episcopalian and that his father was Jewish and that he was raised Jewish.

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Jonah Goldberg's class at Goucher, which was a women's college until 1986, was the second to admit men.

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Jonah Goldberg later interned for Scripps Howard News Service, United Press International, and other news organizations.

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Jonah Goldberg worked for Delilah Communications, a publishing house in New York.

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Jonah Goldberg was the researcher for Wattenberg's nationally syndicated column and for Wattenberg's book, Values Matter Most.

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Jonah Goldberg worked on several PBS public affairs documentaries, including a two-hour special hosted by David Gergen and Wattenberg.

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Jonah Goldberg was invited to serve on Goucher College's Board of Trustees immediately after graduating in 1991, a position he held for three years.

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In 1994, Jonah Goldberg became a founding producer for Wattenberg's Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg.

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Jonah Goldberg worked on a large number of television projects across the United States, as well as in Europe and Japan.

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Jonah Goldberg wrote, produced, and edited two documentaries for New River Media, Gargoyles: Guardians of the Gate and Notre Dame: Witness to History.

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Jonah Goldberg joined National Review as a contributing editor in 1998.

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Jonah Goldberg served as editor of NRO for several years and later became editor-at-large.

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Jonah Goldberg wrote the "Jonah Goldberg File" at National Review, a column that was generally lighter and more focused on humor and cultural commentary.

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Jonah Goldberg's column often made pop-culture references to works including Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, of which he has said he is a fan.

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Jonah Goldberg was a frequent contributor at the National Review blog The Corner, often authoring posts with light-hearted, comedic and pop-culture references.

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In 2020, Jonah Goldberg co-founded The Dispatch, an online news publication aimed at offering political, social and cultural analysis from a center-right perspective.

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Jonah Goldberg is a frequent participant in programs produced by Ricochet, including the podcast GLoP Culture which features Jonah Goldberg, John Podhoretz, and Ricochet co-founder Rob Long.

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Jonah Goldberg followed the book with The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas in 2012.

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In May 2012, Jonah Goldberg was touted as a "two-time Pulitzer prize nominee" in the book jacket of his second book, The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas.

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NBC News reporter Bill Dedman pointed this out as misleading because Jonah Goldberg had in fact only been an entrant in the Pulitzer contest and had never been nominated as a finalist, as the moniker "Pulitzer nominee" would seem to suggest.

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Jonah Goldberg has attacked the ethics and morals of liberals and Democrats, and his disagreements with libertarians appear often in his writings.

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Jonah Goldberg later conceded that if Cole had accepted the bet, Cole would have won.

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Jonah Goldberg has criticized liberals for disliking Fox News, claiming they have no "problem with the editorializing of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews, they think it's just plain wrong for conservatives to play that game".

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Jonah Goldberg has referred to Olbermann as "MSNBC's answer to a question no one asked".

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Jonah Goldberg is married to Jessica Gavora, chief speechwriter and former senior policy adviser to former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

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