10 Facts About Joseph Macleod


Joseph Todd Gordon Macleod was a British poet, actor, playwright, theatre director, theatre historian and BBC newsreader.

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Joseph Macleod passed his bar examinations, though never practised as a barrister, preferring a career as an actor, and had aspirations as a poet.

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Joseph Macleod staged some of Ezra Pound's Noh plays, and some Ibsen and Chekhov.

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Joseph Macleod was intermittently involved in theatre production after this, and in 1952 won the Arts Council Silver Medal for his play Leap in September.

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Basil Bunting was an admirer of this early poetry, and claimed Joseph Macleod was the most important living British poet in his 'British' edition of Poetry.

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In 1937 Joseph Macleod became secretary of Huntingdonshire Divisional Labour Party and stood as a parliamentary candidate, but failed to gain election.

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In 1938, Joseph Macleod became an announcer and newsreader at the BBC, and he began to write and publish poetry under the pseudonym "Adam Drinan".

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Joseph Macleod was one of the first to succeed in rendering the qualities of Gaelic poetry in English.

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Joseph Macleod moved to Florence in 1955, where he lived until his death in 1984.

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Joseph Macleod's work was re-discovered in the late 1990s, and Cyclic Serial Zeniths from the Flux: Selected Poems of Joseph Macleod, edited and with an introduction by Andrew Duncan, was published by Waterloo Press in 2008.

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