10 Facts About Joyce Foundation


Joyce Foundation is a non-operating private foundation based in Chicago, Illinois.

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The Joyce Foundation is notable for its support of gun control measures.

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Joyce Foundation was established in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago.

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Joyce Foundation was the sole heir of David Joyce, a lumber executive and industrialist from Clinton, Iowa.

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The Joyce Foundation was modestly endowed until Kean's death in 1972, when she bequeathed it nearly $100 million.

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Joyce Foundation describes its mission as "working to improve quality of life, promote community vitality, and achieve a fair society".

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Joyce Foundation's primary focus is on the Great Lakes region, where its funding efforts are focused on "environmental preservation, diverse art, energy efficiency, teacher quality, gun violence prevention, early literacy, and workforce development".

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Joyce Foundation programs invest in public education, economic opportunity, and the environment.

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Joyce Foundation is one of the few private foundations that considers gun-related research proposals.

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Since 1993, the Joyce Foundation spent over $54 million on over 100 grants that favor gun control.

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