14 Facts About Jutland


West Jutland is characterised by open lands, heaths, plains, and peat bogs, while East Jutland is more fertile with lakes and lush forests.

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Southwest Jutland is characterised by the Wadden Sea, a large unique international coastal region stretching through Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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Jutland is a peninsula bounded by the North Sea to the west, the Skagerrak to the north, the Kattegat and Baltic Sea to the east, and Germany to the south.

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Northernmost part of Jutland is separated from the mainland by the Limfjord, a narrow stretch of water bisecting the peninsula from coast to coast.

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Medieval law Code of Jutland applied to Schleswig until 1900, when it was replaced by the Prussian Burgerliches Gesetzbuch .

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Jutland has historically been one of the three lands of Denmark, the other two being Scania and Zealand.

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The Hanstholm fortress at the northwestern promontory of Jutland became the largest fortification of Northern Europe.

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Coastal areas of Jutland were declared a military zone where Danish citizens were required to carry identity cards, and access was regulated.

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East Jutland was more similar to Eastern Denmark in this respect.

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The Golden Age painters found inspiration and motives in the natural beauty of Jutland, including P C Skovgaard, Dankvart Dreyer, and art collective of the Skagen Painters.

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West Jutland is often claimed to have a mentality of self-sustainment, a superior work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit as well as slightly more religious and socially conservative values, and there are other voting patterns than in the rest of Denmark.

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Jutland translated poems of Robert Burns to his particular Central Western Jutish dialect.

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Jutland's wrote a memoir documenting the transition, From Jutland's Brown Heather to the Land Across the Sea.

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Jutland moved to the United States with his parents in 1884.

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