16 Facts About Keith Vaz

1. At the end of October 2016, Keith Vaz was appointed to the Justice Select Committee, after he had put himself forward and was nominated by his party.

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2. In April 2015, a video showing Keith Vaz speaking using loudspeakers from a campaign car caused a row with Leicester Conservatives.

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3. In September 2008, Keith Vaz came under pressure when it was revealed that he had sought the private views of Prime Minister Gordon Brown in connection with the Committee's independent report into government plans to extend the detention of terror suspects beyond 28 days.

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4. In September 2008, Keith Vaz faced pressure to explain why he failed to declare an interest when he intervened in an official investigation into the business dealings of a close friend, solicitor Shahrokh Mireskandari, who has played a role in several racial discrimination cases against the Metropolitan Police, and who was representing Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur in his racial discrimination case against Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

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5. In July 2007, Keith Vaz was elected as the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

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6. In May 1999, Keith Vaz resigned his post as a director after he was appointed a Minister.

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7. In 2001, it was revealed that Keith Vaz had assisted Anglo-Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi in his attempts to avoid extradition to France.

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8. In late 2001, Keith Vaz complained to Leicestershire Police that his mother had been upset by a telephone call from "a woman named Mrs Egginton", who claimed to be a police officer.

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9. In 2002, Keith Vaz was suspended from the House of Commons for one month after a Committee on Standards and Privileges inquiry found that he had made false allegations against Eileen Eggington, a former policewoman.

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10. On 11 June 2001, Keith Vaz was dismissed from his post as Europe Minister, to be replaced by Peter Hain.

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11. Tony Blair admitted that Keith Vaz had "made representations" on behalf of other Asians.

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12. In June 2001, Keith Vaz said that he had made representations during the Hinduja brothers' applications for British citizenship while a backbench MP.

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13. On the same day, Keith Vaz told reporters that they would "regret" their behaviour once the facts of the case were revealed.

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14. In 1992, Keith Vaz was given the role of Shadow Junior Environment Minister with responsibility for planning and regeneration, his first frontbench role.

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15. On 11 June 1987, Keith Vaz was elected as the Member of Parliament for Leicester East by defeating the sitting Tory MP Peter Bruinvels with a majority of 1,924.

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16. At the end of October 2016, Keith Vaz was appointed to the Justice Select Committee; a parliamentary vote to block this development was defeated.

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