15 Facts About Ken Keltner


Kenneth Frederick Keltner was an American professional baseball player.

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Ken Keltner played in Major League Baseball as a third baseman from 1937 to 1950, most prominently as a member of the Cleveland Indians where he was a seven-time All-Star player and was a member of the 1948 World Series winning team.

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Ken Keltner was inducted into the Cleveland Guardians Hall of Fame in 1951.

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Ken Keltner made a rapid ascent through the minor leagues, and in 1938, the Cleveland Indians invited him to their spring training camp.

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Ken Keltner beat the throw to first base for an infield single to start the rally.

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Two weeks later, in a game against the New York Yankees on July 17,1941, Ken Keltner became part of baseball history when he made two impressive, backhanded defensive plays against Joe DiMaggio, as the latter attempted to extend his 56-game hitting streak.

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Ken Keltner joined the United States Navy in 1945 and missed an entire season while serving in Hawaii.

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Ken Keltner returned to play for the Indians in 1946, earning his sixth All-Star selection in the process.

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Ken Keltner played with the Red Sox in 1950, appearing in only eight games as a third baseman and one as a first baseman.

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Ken Keltner played one more season in the minor leagues with the Sacramento Solons in 1951 before retiring as a player.

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Ken Keltner had 69 triples, 308 doubles, accumulated 39 stolen bases and scored 737 runs.

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Ken Keltner was inducted into the Wisconsin Sports Hall of Fame in 1970.

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Ken Keltner was inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame, the Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame and was named to the 100 Greatest Cleveland Indians in 2001.

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Ken Keltner was the subject of a brief campaign for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Ken Keltner died in his home state of Wisconsin at age 75 of a heart attack.

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