14 Facts About Kfar Saba


Kfar Saba, officially Kefar Sava, is a city in the Sharon region, of the Central District of Israel.

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Kafr Saba was considered to be ancient Capharsaba – an important settlement during the Second Temple period in ancient Judea, is mentioned for the first time in the writings of Josephus, in his account of the attempt of Alexander Jannaeus to halt an invasion from the north led by Antiochus, appears in the Talmud in connection to corn tithing and the Capharsaba sycamore fig tree.

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An Arab mob then descended on Kfar Saba, beating residents, breaking and looting equipment, and taking two Jewish guards prisoner.

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Kfar Saba is located just across the Green Line from the Palestinian city of Qalqilya.

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Kfar Saba has a listed population surpassing 110,000 as of 2019.

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In May 2004 the exploration company Givot Olam Oil said that the Meged-4 oil well, located northeast of Kfar Saba, has exceeded original predictions and contains an extremely valuable deposit of oil.

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Currently, in Kfar Saba there are 18 elementary schools, 8 middle schools and 11 high schools.

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The high schools in Kfar Saba are divided to 3 groups: urban high schools, ORT high schools and religion high schools.

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Kfar Saba has won multiple awards for environment protection efforts.

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Kfar Saba is in the heart of Dan's tribal area, but there are traditions that explain why Benjamin's tomb is located in the land of the tribe of Dan.

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Kfar Saba's Park is one of the biggest parks in the Sharon area.

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Kfar Saba is characterized by residential buildings with red tiled roofs.

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In 2014, the Kfar Saba Municipality decided to oblige every contractor who wants to build in the city area to install "green roofs".

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Kfar Saba has one large industrial zone in the east of the city.

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