14 Facts About Kinsale


Kinsale is a historic port and fishing town in County Cork, Ireland.

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Kinsale is a holiday destination for both Irish and overseas tourists.

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Kinsale is in the Cork South-West constituency, which has three seats.

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In 1333, under a charter granted by King Edward III of England, the Corporation of Kinsale was established to undertake local government in the town.

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Corporation existed for over 500 years until the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act 1840, when local government in Kinsale was transferred to the town commissioners who had been elected in the town since 1828.

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In 1649, Prince Rupert of the Rhine declared Charles II as King of England, Scotland and Ireland at St Multose's Church in Kinsale upon hearing of the execution of Charles I in London by Parliamentarian forces during the English Civil War.

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In 1690, James II and VII returned to exile in France from Kinsale, following his defeat at the Battle of the Boyne by William III of England after the 'Glorious Revolution' in England against the background of wars involving France under King Louis XIV.

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From 1694, Kinsale served as a supply base for Royal Navy vessels in southern Ireland, and a number of storehouses were built; it was limited to smaller vessels due to the sandbar at the mouth of the river.

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Kinsale was linked by a branch line via Farrangalway and Ballymartle to the Irish railway system of the Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway and its successors from 1863 until 1931, when the branch was closed by the Great Southern Railways during a low point in Kinsale's economic fortunes.

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In 2005, Kinsale became Ireland's second Fair Trade Town, with Clonakilty being the first.

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Kinsale College offers a number of further education courses, and the town has a school of English.

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Kinsale Yacht Club began in 1950 and today is a sailing club that runs events for all ages of sailor and social activities throughout the year.

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Kinsale competes in the Irish Tidy Towns Competition and was the overall winner in 1986.

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Kinsale is the first 'Transition Town' in Ireland, and the Transition Town community organisation, supported by Kinsale town council, holds meetings locally.

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