15 Facts About Lady Mastermind


Lady Mastermind is a fictional character and supervillain, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Lady Mastermind's half-sisters are Martinique Jason, the second Mastermind, who now shares her codename, and the X-Men's Pixie.

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Lady Mastermind is one of three daughters of Jason Wyngarde, the original Mastermind.

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Lady Mastermind has an intense hatred for her half-sister, Martinique.

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Lady Mastermind is hated by her sister for "stealing the spotlight", while she hates her sister for being a "skank", with the two of them constantly insulting each other.

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Lady Mastermind was originally involved in a plot created by Sebastian Shaw to have his revenge against Sage and gain control of the Sydney underworld.

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Lady Mastermind uses this opportunity to create an illusion of her father from his time with the Inner Circle, when he tried to seduce the Dark Phoenix, causing what seemed to be the rebirth, or arrival, of the Phoenix Force once more.

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Lady Mastermind was having a wonderful time watching the boy succumb to his fears and it got better when a couple of X-Men turned up to help.

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Lady Mastermind immediately trapped them in their own fear-based illusions and the trick worked, for a while at least.

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Lady Mastermind entered through the teleportation gateway alongside other villainous and fractious mutants, who had been invited to join the nation in order to heal mutantdom and start over as a whole species together.

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Lady Mastermind instinctively uses her powers to exert some control over them, causing Krakoa to alert the X-Men to investigate.

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Lady Mastermind is among those who witness Magik's fight with the Cotatinaught.

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Lady Mastermind possesses the mutant power to project extremely convincing and realistic illusions into the minds of others, the same ability her father had.

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Lady Mastermind's illusions are telepathic and her victims tend to accept them as fact, even when the images and scenarios they are confronted with involve sudden changes to the world around them, or are inconsistent or improbable.

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Lady Mastermind confronted Viceroy with the illusion that he was drowning, and, believing it to be real, he suffocated, despite having no physical injuries and being in a room with sufficient oxygen.

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