18 Facts About Lake Baikal

1. Lake Baikal has successfully met environmental challenges in the past.

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2. Lake Baikal is the only very deep lake to have oxygenated water at its lowest depths, like the ocean, according to a 2009 article in BioScience.

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3. Lake Baikal attracts more than 500,000 tourists a year, according to the Siberian Times.

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4. Lake Baikal plays a central part in many local creation myths and appears throughout Russian folklore, according to Baikal Nature.

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5. Lake Baikal is located in south-central Russia near the Mongolian border.

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6. Lake Baikal is on the border between two Russian provinces: Irkutsk and Buryatia.

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7. Lake Baikal has three different basins with three different average depths.

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8. Lake Baikal has the purest freshwater water on the planet.

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9. Lake Baikal experiences earthquakes that fall outside of the scale of earthquakes.

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10. Lake Baikal is located in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia, north of the Mongolian border.

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11. Lake Baikal lies in a mountainous region of southern Siberia, where temperatures go below freezing and stay there.

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12. Lake Baikal contains about 20 percent of the world's unfrozen fresh water.

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13. Lake Baikal is one of the most popular destinations for photographers and adventurers.

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14. Lake Baikal is nicknamed "Older sister of Sister Lakes".

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15. Lake Baikal is a popular destination among tourists from all over the world.

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16. Lake Baikal crossed the lake and explored the lower Selenge River.

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17. Lake Baikal is rich in oxygen, even in deep sections, which separates it from distinctly stratified bodies of water such as Lake Tanganyika and the Black Sea.

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18. Lake Baikal is in a rift valley, created by the Baikal Rift Zone, where the Earth's crust is slowly pulling apart.

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