39 Facts About Lalo Salamanca


Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca is a fictional character on the AMC television series Better Call Saul, a prequel of Breaking Bad.

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Unlike most other members of his family, Lalo Salamanca is charismatic and often cheerful; but like them, he can be brutally and remorselessly vicious.

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In July 2018, Tony Dalton joined Better Call Saul in the role of Lalo Salamanca, first appearing in the season four episode "Coushatta".

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Gould saw that Lalo needed to be different from the other members of the Salamanca family and a foil equal to Gus Fring.

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Lalo Salamanca credited their casting directors Sherry Thomas and Sharon Bialy for selecting Dalton for the role, adding that Dalton had "the charm, and the joy, and the threat" needed for the character and "all the charm of a '40s movie star".

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Lalo Salamanca explained that the producers wanted him to be "a little charming", in contrast to the other Salamancas, who have few qualities beyond fearsomeness.

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Lalo Salamanca first appears as a charismatic person his extended family and cartel leaders welcome but shows a vicious and vengeful side after his family comes under attack.

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Dalton considers Lalo Salamanca to be in juxtaposition to Gus due to Lalo Salamanca's laidback attitude and "loose body language" that contrasts with Gus being constantly anxious about decisions and having a "tight body language".

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Lalo Salamanca sought to move away from his role in the TV series Sr.

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Lalo Salamanca is killed by Gus in the season six episode "Point and Shoot".

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Gordon Smith said a shoot-out between Mike and Lalo Salamanca was considered, but this idea was discarded in order to let the "biggest big bads" in the series – Gus and Lalo Salamanca – come face to face.

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Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca is one of many nephews of Hector Salamanca, an enforcer of Don Eladio Vuente's drug cartel.

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Lalo Salamanca takes a greater interest in the day-to-day details than Hector did.

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Lalo Salamanca arrives at Los Pollos Hermanos and introduces himself to Gus.

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Lalo Salamanca follows Mike Ehrmantraut as Mike tracks Werner, which leads him to a Travelwire store.

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Lalo Salamanca kills Fred, reviews the security footage Mike saw, and sets fire to the store on his way out.

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Lalo Salamanca calls resorts until he finds Werner; he then pretends to work for Gus and tricks Werner into revealing some details about the construction of the meth lab under Gus' industrial laundry Lavanderia Brillante.

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Mike reports to Gus, who realizes Werner will have to be killed to prevent Lalo Salamanca from learning more; Mike accepts responsibility and kills Werner himself.

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Since the cover story explains events Lalo Salamanca knows about, he accepts Gus' explanation and apology.

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Lalo Salamanca tells Hector he does not believe Gus' cover story; Hector confirms that the cartel tolerates Gus only because he earns well.

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Lalo Salamanca asks Jimmy to free Krazy-8 by using him to feed the DEA information on Gus' dead drops.

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Lalo Salamanca, detained under the alias Jorge de Guzman, is initially denied bail and suspicious of how the police came to pursue his car.

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Gus realizes Lalo Salamanca will continue to be a problem but decides killing him will create tension with the cartel, so Gus and Nacho again protect Nacho's role as Gus' informant by burning down the restaurant.

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Lalo Salamanca prepares to return to Mexico to avoid trial, but his suspicions lead him to search for Jimmy's car.

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Lalo Salamanca confronts Jimmy and Kim Wexler at her apartment and reveals he found it, and that it had several bullet holes.

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Lalo Salamanca is still awake at the appointed hour, so Nacho sets a kitchen fire to distract him and opens the gate.

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Lalo Salamanca kills all but one assassin and forces the survivor to report his death to the middleman who arranged the attack.

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Lalo Salamanca then realizes that Nacho is missing and angrily strides away from his house.

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Lalo Salamanca then intends to cross into the US to get revenge on Gus, but instead follows up on the information from Werner to get the proof he needs related to Gus's yet-completed meth lab.

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Lalo Salamanca uses the sculpture's crafter to track down Casper, one of Werner's crew, and after attacking him, Lalo coerces Casper for more information, learning of the lab's location under Gus's industrial laundry.

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Still unable to enter, Lalo Salamanca comes up with another plan, and goes to Jimmy and Kim's apartment on the night of June 24,2004, just after Howard Hamlin had arrived to accost the two about their scheme to sabotage his reputation.

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Lalo Salamanca enters the apartment, and as Howard tries to ask who he is while Kim futilely implores Howard to leave, Lalo Salamanca shoots Howard dead.

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Lalo Salamanca instructs Jimmy to go to Gus' home to kill him while he would stay with Kim to assure the job is done, but Jimmy instead convinces Lalo Salamanca to have Kim go instead.

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Jimmy strongly denies this claiming he barely knows Nacho and that it was all his doing, but Lalo Salamanca refuses to listen and returns to the laundry after threatening to interrogate Jimmy upon his return.

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Lalo Salamanca enters and searches for the lab, while Gus, having learned from Kim what happened, goes to the laundry himself.

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Lalo Salamanca kills Gus's guards and then forces Gus to show him the unfinished lab while he videotapes it.

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Lalo Salamanca's death is later avenged by Hector, who, with the aid of Walter, suicide-bombs Gus and Tyrus Kitt, killing them and himself.

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Sepinwall calls the final scene in "Bad Choice Road", in which Lalo Salamanca confronts Jimmy and Kim, one of the best in the series.

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Lalo Salamanca praises the lead actors' performances, particularly Rhea Seehorn as Kim and Dalton as Lalo.

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