7 Facts About Lanny Davis

1. At the time, Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, said that Cohen had fulfilled his promise to put his family and country ahead of his loyalty to Trump.

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2. In 2010 Lanny Davis worked with the State Department's West African Bureau and the US Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea to assist in transitioning to a transparent democracy that protected due process and human rights.

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3. In July 2009 Lanny Davis represented the Honduran Business Council and testified publicly before the House Western Hemisphere Subcommittee on its behalf.

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4. In October 2013 Lanny Davis began acting as outside legal counsel to the Washington Redskins to help defend the organization's nickname.

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5. In October 2012 Lanny Davis was the subject of a CBS Sunday Morning segment where he took investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson behind the scenes into the world of lobbying, focusing on his work for eHealthInsurance.

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6. In January 2012 Lanny Davis launched a new public affairs firm, Purple Nation Solutions.

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7. In July 2018, Lanny Davis was hired by Michael Cohen, a former personal attorney to Donald Trump, to represent him as co-counsel in the Stormy DanielsDonald Trump scandal.

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