5 Facts About Laura Dern

1. In 2006, David Lynch and Laura Dern reunited for Inland Empire and, in 2006, Dern had a supporting role in Lonely Hearts.

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2. In 1997, Laura Dern was featured in Widespread Panic's music video for their song, "Aunt Avis", which was directed by Dern's then boyfriend and future fiance, Billy Bob Thornton.

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3. In 1997, Laura Dern guest-starred in the "Puppy Episode" of the sitcom Ellen, in which Ellen DeGeneres publicly came out.

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4. In 2018, Laura Dern had the lead role in The Tale, an autobiographical feature film written and directed by Jennifer Fox.

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5. Since then, Laura Dern was seen in the independent 2009 drama Tenderness and, in 2010, she appeared in Little Fockers, playing an advanced school principal who dated Owen Wilson's character Kevin Rawley.

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