10 Facts About Lauterbrunnen


Lauterbrunnen is a village and a municipality in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

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The population of the village of Lauterbrunnen is less than that of Wengen, but larger than that of the others.

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Similarly to Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen has become a major tourist destination and is connected to Interlaken by the Bernese Oberland Railway and is the start of the Wengernalp Railway, leading to Kleine Scheidegg.

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Lauterbrunnen was first mentioned in 1240 as "in claro fonte", a Romance language place name meaning "clear spring".

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Lauterbrunnen joined many other villages and the Monastery in an unsuccessful rebellion against the new faith.

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However, as Lauterbrunnen's fame grew and with the completion of a road from Interlaken in 1834 and the 1890 Bernese Oberland Railway, more hotels were needed for tourists.

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The tourist economy of Lauterbrunnen was devastated due to World War I and II and the Great Depression.

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The Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the deepest in the Alpine chain when compared with the height of the mountains that rise directly on either side.

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Municipality of Lauterbrunnen extends a considerable distance beyond the village and valley, with an area of 164.

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Lauterbrunnen featured in several scenes from the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, including a car chase in which Bond was driven away from henchmen of Ernst Stavro Blofeld by his girlfriend Tracy di Vicenzo in a dramatic pursuit which culminated in them shaking off the pursuers in a stock car race.

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