31 Facts About Lightning McQueen


Montgomery "Lightning" McQueen is a fictional anthropomorphic stock car who is the protagonist of the animated Pixar franchise Cars, including Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3.

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Lightning McQueen appears in the TV series Cars Toons and Cars on the Road.

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Lightning McQueen is the face of the Cars brand, and he is a popular mascot for Disney.

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Lightning McQueen is a professional racer in the Piston Cup circuit, which emulates the NASCAR Cup Series, and acquires seven Piston Cup victories through his career.

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Lightning McQueen's body is red with yellow and orange decals, displays the number 95 on his sides, and has blue eyes.

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Lightning McQueen's appearance undergoes updates through the films, but generally maintains the same image.

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However, Lightning McQueen's appearance is not attributed to any single car model.

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For Lightning McQueen, we looked at surfers and snowboarders and Michael Jordan, these truly great athletes and the beauty of how they move.

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Lightning McQueen is not named after actor and race driver Steve McQueen, but after Pixar animator Glenn McQueen who died in 2002.

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Lightning McQueen's design is primarily inspired by and based on various Generation 4 ; however, he has a curvaceous body like that of the Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Charger Daytona.

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Lightning McQueen's number was originally set to be 57, Lasseter's birth year, but was changed to 95, the release year of Pixar's first film Toy Story.

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Lightning McQueen's engine sounds emulate a Gen 4 in Cars, and in Cars 2 his engine sounds are a mixture of a Gen 5 COT and the Chevrolet Corvette C6.

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Lightning McQueen is a rookie racer in the Piston Cup series, and secretly disdains his sponsor Rust-eze, hoping to be chosen for sponsorship by the much more glamorous Dinoco oil company.

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Lightning McQueen is portrayed as being ungrateful, obnoxious, selfish, and sarcastic.

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Lightning McQueen befriends a tow truck named Tow Mater, and he falls in love with Sally.

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Lightning McQueen begins to care about others rather than just himself.

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Lightning McQueen learns an expert turn from Doc and some unorthodox moves from Mater, which he uses later in the tie-breaker race.

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Lightning McQueen is nonetheless praised for his selfless sportsmanship, so much so that Dinoco Race Team owner Tex offers to hire him to succeed Weathers.

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Lightning McQueen declines, choosing instead to stay with his Rust-eze sponsors for managing to get him where he was.

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Lightning McQueen uses the favor on a ride on the Dinoco helicopter for Mater, fulfilling Mater's dream.

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Lightning McQueen finds himself at the start of the next Piston Cup season.

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Lightning McQueen is able to retrieve his equipment and bring the delinquents to justice before winning the next race, which sends Chick into a frenzy.

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Lightning McQueen's respite is interrupted when he is recruited to participate in the first ever World Grand Prix, sponsored by former oil tycoon Miles Axelrod, who hopes to promote his new biofuel, Allinol.

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At a pre-race party in Tokyo, Japan, Lightning McQueen is embarrassed by Mater and regrets bringing him along.

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Lightning McQueen goes with Mater and the spies to confront Miles Axelrod, the mastermind of the murder, and force him to disarm the bomb.

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Lightning McQueen happily declares that Mater can come to all races from now on if he likes.

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Lightning McQueen pushes himself too hard while trying to compete with Storm in the final race of the season, injuring himself severely in a dangerous crash.

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Cruz and McQueen share the victory due to Lightning starting the race, and the pair receive a sponsorship under the merged Dinoco-Rust-Eze brand.

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Lightning McQueen reverts to the body type he had back in the first film, but the paint job features a cross between the lightning bolts seen in the first film, and the flames seen in the second film.

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Lightning McQueen's popularity inspired many products, from toys and video games to spin off TV shows and books.

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Lightning McQueen is a character at the Disney California Adventure theme park, Cars Land.

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