13 Facts About Macromedia


Macromedia, Inc, was an American graphics, multimedia, and web development software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, that made products such as Flash and Dreamweaver.

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Macromedia originated in the 1992 merger of Authorware Inc and MacroMind–Paracomp .

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In January 1995, Macromedia acquired Altsys Corporation after Adobe Systems announced a merger with Altsys' business partner, the Aldus Corporation.

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In March 1996, Macromedia acquired iBand Software, makers of the Backstage HTML authoring tool and application server.

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Macromedia developed a new HTML-authoring tool, Dreamweaver, around portions of the Backstage codebase and released the first version in 1997.

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Macromedia acquired FutureWave Software, makers of FutureSplash Animator, in November 1996.

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Macromedia renamed Splash to Macromedia Flash, and following the lead of Netscape, distributed the Flash Player as a free browser plugin in order to quickly gain market share.

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In December 1999, Macromedia acquired traffic analysis software company Andromedia Corporation.

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Web development company Allaire was acquired in 2001 and Macromedia added several popular servers and Web developments tools to its portfolio, including ColdFusion, a web application server based on the CFML language, JRun, a Java EE application server, and HomeSite, an HTML code editor that was bundled with Dreamweaver.

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In 2003, Macromedia acquired the web conferencing company Presedia and continued to develop and enhance their Flash-based online collaboration and presentation product offering under the brand Breeze.

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Later that year, Macromedia acquired help authoring software company eHelp Corporation, whose products included RoboHelp and RoboDemo .

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Macromedia countered with a claim that Adobe infringed on Macromedia's patents for a draw-based editor for Web pages and a hierarchical structure editor for Web sites.

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In July 2002, Adobe and Macromedia reached an agreement that settled all claims in this series of patent suits.

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