56 Facts About Mandy Richardson


Mandy Richardson is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Sarah Jayne Dunn.

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In June 2017, it was announced that Dunn had reprised the role again and that Mandy Richardson would appear from July alongside Luke Morgan, played by Gary Lucy.

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Mandy Richardson first appears as a schoolgirl who dreams of becoming a model and becomes romantically involved with Ollie Benson.

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Mandy Richardson takes a stand against her father and he is sentenced to seven years in prison.

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Unaware of the true reasons for Luke splitting up with her, Mandy Richardson embarks on short-lived relationships with Darren Osborne and Ben Davies.

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Mandy Richardson is then shocked to discover that her mother Helen Cunningham is expecting a baby with Gordon Cunningham but Mandy Richardson helps deliver her half-brother, Tom.

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Mandy Richardson discovers her mother is having an affair with Tony, which soon ends, and discovers that her father, who is dying of liver cancer, is being released from prison.

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Mandy Richardson then buys him alcohol to make his death come sooner.

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When he eventually does die, Mandy Richardson begins to rebuild her life, turning to Tony for support despite his former affair with Helen.

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When Helen and Gordon are killed in a car accident, Mandy Richardson is given guardianship of Tom, but later puts him in Max's care.

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Shortly after returning, Mandy Richardson falls pregnant and gives birth to Grace Hutchinson.

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Mandy Richardson tells Tony that she is pregnant and in a serious relationship with a man named Mark.

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Months later, Tony receives a letter from Mandy Richardson informing him that she had given birth to a girl named Ella.

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Mandy Richardson then decides to stay in Hollyoaks, becoming a wedding planner with Louise Summers.

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Tony and Mandy Richardson go travelling, deciding to give their relationship another go.

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Tony begins to avoid Mandy Richardson after seeing her, so she confronts him about why he left her abroad.

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Mandy Richardson discovers Tony is in debt and Dom had gone to Warren for money.

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Mandy Richardson tells Tony that she wants to get custody of Tom, angering Frankie who tells Mandy Richardson she will not let her take Tom.

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Mandy Richardson tells Frankie that she will get custody because she is Tom's legal guardian.

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Mandy Richardson arrives at Cinergy after Cindy appoints her as manager.

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Cindy discovers that Mandy Richardson has been scamming her but later forgives her, telling her she would have given her money if she needed it.

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Tony and Mandy Richardson begin looking for jobs and after Tony gets a job as a chef he returns home to discover Mandy Richardson has left him a note and has left Hollyoaks.

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Mandy Richardson makes Luke promise that he will call her when he is on verge of drinking alcohol.

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Mandy Richardson is later revealed as Warren's secret stalker, after she begins sending him anonymous text messages and threats.

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Mandy Richardson continues to stalk Warren further, but when he attempts to threaten her, Mandy Richardson threatens to tell his fiancee Sienna Blake about his affair with Grace Black.

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Mandy Richardson is arrested, but released and Ella is put back into care.

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Mandy Richardson becomes suspicious of Milo as he becomes obsessed in getting the Cunningham family back together.

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When Mandy Richardson wants to get a job at The Hutch in order to prove to social services that she is suitable to get Ella back, Tony refuses as he is angry at Mandy Richardson for always bringing trouble.

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Mandy Richardson proposes to him and he accepts, despite already being married to a woman named Scarlett.

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Mandy Richardson later regains custody of Ella after social services can see that she and Luke are functioning as a couple now he's sober again.

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Mandy Richardson is left feeling guilty after sleeping with Darren and agrees to give Luke another chance.

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Mandy Richardson is surprised to find out about his past with Sienna and confronts Darren.

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Mandy Richardson is further jealous when a drunk Leela Lomax makes a pass at him.

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In June 2018, Luke discovers that Mandy Richardson is having an affair after finding text messages on her phone and turns to drinking again.

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When Nancy finds out that Mandy Richardson was going to leave Luke she confronts her and Mandy Richardson confesses that it was Darren.

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Mandy Richardson discovers she is pregnant and tells Darren who is pleased.

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Mandy Richardson is upset to find out that Luke and Cindy had slept together and orders one of them to leave.

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The actress revealed that she told producers she did not want Mandy Richardson to be killed off as she felt it would have been "ridiculous" due to the deaths a large number of her on-screen family.

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Series producer Bryan Kirkwood was responsible for reintroducing Mandy Richardson and explained that he felt it "was an important time to bring in some old faces".

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Mandy Richardson explained that when she was asked to return her return storyline was outlined, which she felt was "brilliant" and "totally unexpected".

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Dunn added that Mandy Richardson is "a bit confrontational and a bit heartless".

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Dunn noted that in the scripts she realised "weird" events happening surrounding Mandy Richardson happening before she was told that Mandy Richardson would become involved in a child abuse storyline.

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Mandy Richardson added that although she felt the pairing was unlikely, "it did actually work".

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Mandy Richardson becomes jealous when Ruth and Tony spend time together.

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Mandy Richardson deliberately stands Tony up, leaving him alone with Ruth but "Tony doesn't do anything because he loves Mandy Richardson".

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Dwyer explained that when Tony discovers what Mandy Richardson has done he "can't believe that she didn't trust him; and begins to wonder whether their relationship is as good as he thinks it is".

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Tony tells Mandy Richardson, who admits she has cheated on him, and the couple continue their relationship.

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Mandy Richardson discovers she is pregnant and "Tony proves his commitment" to her.

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Dunn explained that Mandy Richardson is "certainly shocked" by her pregnancy but due to the recent events the pregnancy could "push her over the edge".

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Mandy Richardson becomes violent towards Tony and the couple decide to have a termination.

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Dunn said that Mandy Richardson has "grown up a lot since she was pregnant the first time".

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Dunn felt that Tony is "trying to be a doting husband, he adores Mandy Richardson and wants her to realise that the most important thing to him is being with her".

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Mandy Richardson gives birth to a daughter, who the couple name Grace Hutchinson.

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In 2010 Mandy Richardson returned, Dunn explained that "Mandy Richardson told Tony she couldn't have more children and he freaked out and left her in Laos".

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Mandy Richardson explained that as a model, she was constantly compared to other women and her photos were edited to change her appearance without her consent; she opened the OnlyFans account to take control of her image.

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BBC included Mandy Richardson's storyline featuring abuse at the hand of her father in the article about controversial issue led storylines tackled in soap opera and branded the plot as "harrowing".

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