37 Facts About Sienna Blake

1. Sienna Blake tells Nancy that the new Sienna Blake doesn't do revenge.

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2. Sienna Blake is greeted by Nancy who wants Sienna Blake to help her ruin Darren's life.

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3. Sienna Blake has finally got what she wanted, a job at Hollyoaks High having fought for it and pleaded her case with Sally.

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4. Sienna Blake could find herself in serious danger if she allows herself to get too close to Laurie Shelby in Hollyoaks.

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5. Sienna Blake tries to apologise and she confides in him about Patrick and they almost kiss but Liberty catches them.

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6. In September 2018, Sienna Blake returns after she is released from prison.

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7. Sienna Blake visits Victoria in hospital to say goodbye and Joel comes in.

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8. When he arrives, Sienna Blake gives him Victoria and tells him to take Victoria to the hospital.

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9. Sienna Blake takes Nico for her scan but panics when she disappears.

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10. Sienna Blake tells Sienna that Sophie has her eyes and that they can now be a proper family and he forces her to choose between him and the twins or Nico.

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11. Sienna Blake is left scared and tells Josh that someone is out to get her.

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12. Sienna Blake returns home to find her flat decorated with Christmas decorations.

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13. Sienna Blake tells her to never speak to him again leaving Sienna alone.

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14. Sienna Blake is left unsettled when she finds a countdown on her laptop.

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15. Sienna Blake meets up with Myra in the village and tells her that she thinks Joel is seeing someone else.

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16. At the hospital, Sienna Blake tells Joel she will never forgive him for ruining her chances of getting Sophie back.

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17. Sienna Blake is left shaken when she finds someone in her flat.

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18. Sienna Blake lies to Joel saying that Warren is back to get his attention but Cleo finds out she's lying and Sienna tells Joel the truth.

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19. Sienna Blake becomes jealous when Joel and Cleo begin a relationship, but is relieved when her cancer is cured.

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20. Sienna Blake tells him that he will not be involved in the twins' lives, so Warren takes their daughter Sophie, leaving Sienna devastated.

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21. Sienna Blake tells Sienna that when the babies are born he will take them away from her.

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22. Sienna Blake helps him hide the corpse in the attic of an empty flat, which Sally St Claire soon moves into.

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23. Sienna Blake tells police that she cannot remember who attacked her.

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24. Sienna Blake discovers that Ben was responsible and she starts to help Trevor who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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25. Sienna Blake asks Dr S'avage to help dispose of her body at the hospital, but Ben finds her body and reveals that Carly is his daughter.

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26. Sienna Blake tracks her down and confronts her then a fight ensues.

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27. Sienna Blake becomes obsessed with Dodger and takes him and Nico hostage to create the perfect family.

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28. Sienna Blake finds her daughter Nico and she comes to live with her.

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29. Sienna Blake ensures Sam discovers that Danny has slept with George Smith.

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30. Sienna Blake convinces Chloe Chance to sell her unborn baby to her.

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31. Sienna Blake sleeps with Darren but ensures that Nancy catches them.

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32. Sienna Blake finds Nancy sleeping and starts a fire with an iron to make Nancy appear unable to look after Oscar.

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33. Sienna Blake secures a job at the local pub and befriends Darren Osborne and Nancy (Jessica Fox).

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34. Sienna Blake begins spending time with Dodger and takes a dislike to half brother Will Savage.

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35. Sienna Blake is the twin sister of Dodger Savage, the twin sibling Dodger never knew he had.

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36. Sienna Blake made a temporary departure in June 2018 after she handed herself in to the police, with Passey confirming that she will return to her role soon.

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37. Sienna Blake is a fictional character from the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, portrayed by Anna Passey.

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