14 Facts About Manhattan Institute


Manhattan Institute for Policy Research is a conservative American think tank focused on domestic policy and urban affairs, established in Manhattan in 1978 by Antony Fisher and William J Casey.

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Manhattan Institute joined the institute in 1982, serving as a public policy specialist, program director and vice president before being named the institute's fourth president.

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Manhattan Institute established the Center for Education Innovation in 1989, which focused on promoting charter schools.

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Manhattan Institute had ties with the administration of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who had become a regular at Manhattan Institute luncheons and lectures after his failed mayoral campaign in 1989.

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Manhattan Institute founded its quarterly magazine on urban policy and culture called City Journal in 1990.

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Manhattan Institute formed its Project FDA in 2006 to focus on ways to improve FDA regulations.

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Manhattan Institute focuses on both national and local issues, including municipal finance, public pensions, infrastructure, welfare, policing, and housing.

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Manhattan Institute has published multiple books focused on America's cities; in 1997 it published Twenty-First Century City: Resurrecting Urban America, authored by then-Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith.

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Manhattan Institute's contends the decline of American cities, beginning during the 1960s, was a result of crime "spiraling out of control".

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Manhattan Institute's argues that the department of education should simplify federal financial aid, adopt a single, income-driven repayment plan for federal student loans, and bring market-based approaches into student lending.

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Manhattan Institute is largely opposed to government mandates and subsidies and advocates the hydraulic fracturing method of extracting natural gas and oil from underground deposits.

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Manhattan Institute has taken a critical view of the Affordable Care Act since its inception.

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Manhattan Institute argues that the U S should focus on policies to improve mobility in order to expand opportunities among disadvantaged groups.

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Manhattan Institute has criticized plans to expand the federal minimum wage.

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