10 Facts About Marathi literature


Marathi literature is the body of literature of Marathi, an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Maharashtra and written in the Devanagari and Modi script.

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Several inscriptions dated to the second half of the 11th century feature Marathi literature, which is usually appended to Sanskrit or prakrit in these inscriptions.

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Epigraphic evidence suggests that Marathi literature was a standard written language by the 12th century.

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The early Marathi literature emerged during the Seuna rule, because of which some scholars have theorized that it was produced with support from the Yadava rulers.

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Early Marathi literature was mostly religious and philosophical in nature, and was composed by the saint-poets belonging to Mahanubhava and Warkari sects.

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Marathi literature made available an authentic, edited version of Dnyaneshwari, which had been forgotten after the Islamic invasion of Deccan.

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Marathas, the Marathi literature-speaking natives, formed their own kingdom under the leadership of Shivaji Maharaj in the 17th century.

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Carey's dictionary had fewer entries and Marathi literature words were in Devanagari script instead of the Modi script prevalent at that time.

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Marathi literature translated and simplified many Western Classics and published them in a book of stories titled Gode Goshti.

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Marathi literature drama flourished in the 1960s and 1970s, with literary figures like Vasant Kanetkar, Kusumagraj and Vijay Tendulkar.

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