21 Facts About Marjory Stoneman

1. Marjory Stoneman's would give these wonderful, curmudgeonly speeches to which there was no response.

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2. Marjory Stoneman's told a friend she would have rather seen the Everglades restored than her name on a building.

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3. Marjory Stoneman's enjoyed drinking Scotch and sherry; as friend and neighbor Helen Muir remembered her, "Marjory Stoneman's would come up and have a sherry, and then I would walk her home, and then she'd walk me back, and we would have another sherry.

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4. Marjory Stoneman's wrote that his wife was a friend of Harriet Beecher Stowe, and had provided Stowe with the story of Eliza in Uncle Tom's Cabin fleeing slavery because Douglas' great-great-aunt took care of Eliza and her infant after their escape.

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5. Marjory Stoneman's wrote to Governor Bob Graham in 1985 to encourage him to assess the conditions the migrant workers endured.

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6. Marjory Stoneman's opposed the drainage of a suburb in Dade County named East Everglades.

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7. Marjory Stoneman's reminded us all of our responsibility to nature and I don't remember what else.

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8. Marjory Stoneman's toured the state giving "hundreds of ringing denunciations" of the airport project, and increased membership of Friends of the Everglades to 3,000 within three years.

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9. Marjory Stoneman's justified her involvement saying, "It is a woman's business to be interested in the environment.

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10. Marjory Stoneman's spent five years researching what little was known about the ecology and history of the Everglades and South Florida.

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11. Marjory Stoneman's wrote four novels, and several nonfiction books on regional topics including Florida birdwatching and David Fairchild, a biologist who imagined a botanical park in Miami.

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12. Marjory Stoneman's released her first novel, Road to the Sun, in 1952.

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13. Marjory Stoneman's called the garden "one of the greatest achievements for the entire area".

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14. Marjory Stoneman's wrote supporting women's suffrage, civil rights, and better sanitation while opposing Prohibition and foreign trade tariffs.

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15. Marjory Stoneman's amassed a devoted readership and attempted to begin each column with a poem.

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16. Marjory Stoneman's gained some renown for her daily column, "The Galley", becoming something of a local celebrity.

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17. Marjory Stoneman's developed a rivalry with an editor at The Miami Metropolis whose greater familiarity with Miami history gave her cause to make fun of Douglas in writing.

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18. Marjory Stoneman passionately opposed the governor of Florida, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, and his attempts to drain the Everglades.

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19. Marjory Stoneman's was elected Class Orator, but was unable to fulfill the office since she was already involved in other activities.

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20. Marjory Stoneman's was a straight-A student at Wellesley College, graduating with a BA in English in 1912.

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21. Marjory Stoneman left for college in 1908, despite grave misgivings about her mother's mental state.

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