37 Facts About Marlene Dietrich

1. Marlene Dietrich got her signature song, Falling in Love Again introduced.

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2. Marlene Dietrich was known to have challenged the accepted notions of feminity.

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3. In 1930, Marlene Dietrich moved to America shortly after the premiere of Der Blaue Engel in Berlin.

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4. In 1929, Marlene Dietrich began her association with the director Josef von Sternberg, one of the most productive and significant alliances in the history of cinema.

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5. On September 29, 1975, Marlene Dietrich broke her leg on stage in Sydney, Australia.

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6. Marlene Dietrich entered Germany with the Allied troops and eventually met her mother again in Berlin.

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7. Marlene Dietrich found creative ways to boost the morale of the troops she was entertaining.

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8. Marlene Dietrich acted in six more von Sternberg movies until 1935.

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9. In 1919, Marlene Dietrich enrolled at the Weimar Konservatorium and began studying violin.

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10. At the young age of 13, Marlene Dietrich merged her two names into Marlene and created her stage name.

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11. Marlene Dietrich was survived by her daughter Maria and her four grandchildren.

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12. In 1960, Marlene Dietrich performed in Germany, her first visit there since before the war.

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13. In 1923, Marlene Dietrich married Rudolf Sieber, a film professional who helped her land a part in Tragedy of Love.

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14. Marlene Dietrich joined the American war effort, selling war bonds and performing on USO tours for troops.

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15. Marlene Dietrich was born on27 December 1901 at Leberstraße 65 in the neighborhood of Rote Insel in Schoneberg, now a district of Berlin.

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16. Marlene Dietrich gave many radio interviews worldwide on her concert tours.

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17. Marlene Dietrich made several appearances on Armed Forces Radio Services shows like The Army Hour and Command Performance during the war years.

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18. In 2000 a German biopic film Marlene Dietrich was made, directed by Joseph Vilsmaier and starring Katja Flint as Dietrich.

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19. Marlene Dietrich was made an honorary citizen of Berlin on 16 May 2002.

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20. Marlene Dietrich was an icon to fashion designers and screen stars.

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21. On 6 May 1992, Marlene Dietrich died of renal failure at her flat in Paris at age 90.

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22. At the filming of Destry Rides Again, Marlene Dietrich started a love affair with co-star James Stewart, which ended after filming.

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23. In 1982, Marlene Dietrich agreed to participate in a documentary film about her life, Marlene, but refused to be filmed.

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24. Up until the mid 1970s, Marlene Dietrich had between 30 and 50 scheduled engagements around the world annually.

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25. Marlene Dietrich continued with a grueling performance schedule until September 1975.

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26. Marlene Dietrich had become so indispensable to me that, without him, I no longer took much joy in singing.

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27. Marlene Dietrich employed Burt Bacharach as her musical arranger starting in the mid-1950s; together, they refined her nightclub act into a more ambitious theatrical one-woman show with an expanded repertoire.

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28. In 1953, Marlene Dietrich was offered a then-substantial $30,000 per week to appear live at the Sahara Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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29. Marlene Dietrich had a strong friendship with Welles, who for her was a kind of platonic love and whom she considered a genius.

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30. Marlene Dietrich received the Medal of Freedom in November 1947, for her "extraordinary record entertaining troops overseas during the war".

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31. At the war's end in Europe, Marlene Dietrich reunited with her sister Elisabeth and her sister's husband and son.

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32. Marlene Dietrich was known to have strong political convictions and the mind to speak them.

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33. Marlene Dietrich worked without Sternberg for the first time in three years in the romantic drama Song of Songs, playing a naive German peasant, under the direction of Rouben Mamoulian.

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34. Marlene Dietrich encouraged her to lose weight and coached her intensively as an actress.

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35. Marlene Dietrich starred in six films directed by von Sternberg at Paramount between 1930 and 1935.

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36. Marlene Dietrich had one sibling, Elisabeth, who was one year older.

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37. Marlene Dietrich was known for her humanitarian efforts during the war, housing German and French exiles, providing financial support and even advocating their US citizenship.

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