8 Facts About Mercury Records

1. In 1958, Mercury Records switched its distribution in the UK from Pye to EMI, and in 1964 to Philips.

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2. In late 1955, Mercury Records began using 3 omnidirectional microphones to make stereo recordings on 3-track tape.

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3. Under the reorganization, Mercury Records was folded into the newly formed The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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4. In July 1967, Mercury Records became the first US record company to release cassette music tapes.

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5. In 1962, Mercury Records began marketing a line of phonographs made by Philips bearing the Mercury brand name.

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6. Under their own label, Mercury Records released a variety of recording styles from classical music to psychedelic rock.

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7. Rather than rely on radio airplay, Mercury Records initially relied on jukeboxes to promote their music.

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8. Early in the label's history, Mercury Records opened two pressing plants, one in Chicago and the other in St Louis, Missouri.

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