17 Facts About Miek


Miek is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Miek appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Endgame, and Thor: Love and Thunder .

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Miek was a member of planet Sakaar's native race of insectoids.

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Miek was accidentally rescued, as an outcast slave, during Hulk's battle with the Red King.

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Miek located one of the last Queens of his race, at an egg farm at which the Warbound were hiding.

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Miek led the Warbound in Hulk's place while Hulk, Hiroim, and Caiera attempted to obtain the allegiance of Caiera and Hiroim's people.

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On Earth, Miek was one of the most vocal in encouraging the destruction of the planet in revenge for what was done.

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Miek did not tell the Hulk hoping it would encourage the Hulk to keep destroying.

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Miek made a full recovery as he remained locked away in Prison 42 and stayed there until Amatsu-Mikaboshi became the Chaos King and attacked all of reality.

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Miek pledged his service to the Chaos King, who sought to destroy everything much like Miek wished Hulk would.

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Miek was unwilling to trust anything Cho said and tried to stop Cho from completing the gateway.

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Miek found that as a result of his exposure to the Chaos King's energies, he had become biologically female.

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Miek found her way to the Savage Land, and in the process of asserting herself there, slaughtered forty-three Sakaarian refugees residing there.

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Miek's had grown considerably larger and more powerful through this time.

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Miek had attempted to supplant her hatchlings into the bodies of Sakaarians, to keep them fed and safe, but that had not worked.

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Miek attempted to drug Skaar, to make him kill his father, only to have another of her arms chopped off by Hulk, who then punched Miek through a volcano and across the Savage Land into a mountain of ice.

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Later in life, Miek entered into a second pupae stage and emerged as a Native king, with an armor-like chitinous carapace, longer mandibles, clawed phalanges, and overall greater body mass.

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