14 Facts About Miramax


Miramax, LLC, known as Miramax Films, is an American film and television production and distribution company founded on December 19,1979, by brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and based in Los Angeles, California.

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In 2010, the leadership of Disney saw Miramax to be redundant in their directions and on December 3 sold it to Filmyard Holdings, a joint venture of Colony NorthStar, Tutor-Saliba Corporation and Qatar Investment Authority.

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Miramax made films such as Flirting with Disaster, Heavenly Creatures and Shakespeare in Love.

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Miramax became one of the leaders of the independent film boom of the 1990s.

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In 1997, Miramax joined Peter Jackson as a primary financial backer in attempting to get the Lord of the Rings films produced.

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Disney's film studio consortium, Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, assumed control of Miramax, which was projected to have a smaller annual production budget.

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The Miramax name remained with the film studio owned by Disney.

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Production at Miramax was taken over by Daniel Battsek, who had been head of Buena Vista International in the UK.

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Miramax merged its operations with The Walt Disney Studios on January 28,2010, shutting down Miramax's separate New York and Los Angeles offices.

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Mike Lang, the former News Corporation business development executive who was selected as the CEO of Miramax, indicated that the company would focus on their existing library, though they would continue making original content.

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On December 16,2013, Miramax entered into a deal with Harvey and Bob Weinstein's The Weinstein Company to develop and distribute select derivative works of films from the former studio.

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On March 2,2016, Miramax was sold to beIN Media Group, a spinoff of Al Jazeera Media Network.

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On March 18,2019, Miramax revived its family and animation division, with both being founded as separate divisions within the company.

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Miramax Television is the television production division founded in 1987, assigned to producing television shows based on the existing Miramax film library and original concepts.

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