33 Facts About Mombasa


Mombasa is a coastal city in southeastern Kenya along the Indian Ocean.

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Today, Mombasa is a tourism-based town, home to one of the state houses, with an extra-large port and an international airport.

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The ancient history associated with Mwana Mkisi and Shehe Mvita and the founding of an urban settlement on Mombasa Island is still linked to present-day peoples living in Mombasa.

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Mombasa noted that the people of Mombasa were Shafi'i Muslims, religious people, trustworthy and righteous.

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Mombasa became the major port city of pre-colonial Kenya in the Middle Ages and was used to trade with other African port cities, the Persian Empire, the Arabian Peninsula, India and China.

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In 1631 Dom Jeronimo the ruler of Mombasa slaughtered the Portuguese garrison in the city and defeated the relief force sent by the Portuguese.

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Mombasa was briefly returned to Portuguese rule by captain-major Alvaro Caetano de Melo Castro, then four new Omani Liwali until 1746, when the last of them made it independent again (disputed by Oman), as the first of its recorded Sultans:.

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On 25 May 1887 Mombasa was relinquished to the British East Africa Association, later the Imperial British East Africa Company.

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Mombasa became the capital of the Kenya Colony Protectorate of Kenya, sometime between 1887 and around 1906.

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In October 2006, Mombasa experienced a large flood that affected 60, 000 people.

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Mombasa is located on Mombasa Island and sprawls to the surrounding mainlands.

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Much of the community works outside of the township, within Mombasa Island itself as there is a lack of employment and industry.

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Mombasa is a county and divided into six constituencies and thirty wards.

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Mombasa city has a population of 1, 208, 333 per the 2019 census.

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Mombasa has a cosmopolitan population, with the Swahili people and Mijikenda predominant.

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The major intercontinental undersea telecom cables reach shore next to Mombasa, connecting the African Great Lakes to the rest of the world and supporting a fast-growing call centre business in the area.

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Mombasa will become a Special Economic Zone in which certain industries such as tea, garments, and footwear will be exempt from certain taxes to promote domestic growth.

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Moi International Airport is located in the city of Mombasa, and is the second largest airport in Kenya with daily flights to Nairobi and other Kenyan, European and Middle Eastern destinations.

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Mombasa currently has a modern railway station on the Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway that replaced the narrow-gauge Uganda Railway completed in 1901 under British colonial rule.

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Port of Mombasa is the largest in East Africa, with 19 deep water berths with two additional berths nearing completion and two oil terminals.

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Mombasa has places of worship serving needs of the city's diverse communities.

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Styles of music native to Mombasa include the smooth and mellow Bango, fast-paced Chakacha and traditional Mwanzele.

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Mombasa has been the home or base for former greats like Fundi Konde, known for his song "Tausi"; Fadhili Williams and Grand Charo, famous for the song "Malaika"; Sal Davies; Malika Mohammed; Stara Butte; Juma Bhalo.

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Mombasa is mainly a tourism centre populated by hundreds of entertainment spots of all categories from night clubs, bars, hotels, fancy restaurants and many more.

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Currently, Mombasa is represented in the Kenyan Premier League by Bandari F C, which plays at the Mbaraki Sports Grounds.

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The only Mombasa-based team to win the league is Feisal F C, the 1965 champions.

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Mombasa is represented in the nationwide rugby league by Mombasa RFC.

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The Mombasa leg is referred to as the Driftwood sevens, and the annual tournament is extremely popular, attracting thousands of fans from across the country.

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Mombasa is the subject of the popular song and music video of the same name, "Mombasa" by Jabali Afrika feat.

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Mombasa is a pivotal setting in the highly popular Halo video game series.

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Mombasa appears as a major setting in Halo 2, and the entirety of Halo 3: ODST takes place in Mombasa.

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Mombasa is featured in the 2010 movie, Inception, where Cobb meets Eames and Yusuf before the job takes place.

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One-Way Ticket to Mombasa is a 2002 Finnish film directed by Hannu Tuomainen.

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