57 Facts About Nancy Hayton

1. Nancy Hayton marries Darren and decides to stay in Hollyoaks and Margaret returns to Canada alone.

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2. Nancy Hayton was rushed to hospital with Jake and Nancy Hayton by her side.

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3. Nancy Hayton said that Nancy Hayton feels like she has "failed, which is something she doesn't deal with very well".

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4. Nancy Hayton added Nancy Hayton wants a relationship with "someone who'll love and look after her.

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5. Nancy Hayton added that Nancy Hayton is "speechless" which is different for her as "she's always got a comeback for everyone, but in this case she just doesn't do anything".

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6. Nancy Hayton expanded on this, saying: "Nancy Hayton's never cheated on anyone in her life because that's not who she is.

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7. Nancy Hayton added that Nancy Hayton's abuse at the hands of Jake is psychological abuse rather than physical abuse.

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8. Nancy Hayton explained that during the storyline Nancy Hayton acts out of character which she found challenging to portray.

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9. Nancy Hayton added that Nancy Hayton is "a bit posh and stiff" and "uptight" but that she can get "really wild" when she has "had a few drinks".

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10. Nancy Hayton said that Nancy Hayton has "always got some kind of bitchy comeback for everyone".

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11. Nancy Hayton takes her to the hospital and after a heart to heart she agrees to stop her vendetta against Mandy and Darren.

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12. Nancy Hayton finds Mandy in the bathroom who tells Nancy Hayton she is bleeding.

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13. Nancy Hayton calls the police and Darren is arrested but Sienna convinces her to change her statement.

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14. Nancy Hayton kisses Kyle to make Darren jealous and he punches Kyle.

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15. Nancy Hayton reveals to Darren and Jack that she will be in a wheelchair for a while.

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16. Nancy Hayton is concerned over Brooke's welfare and decides to foster her but Darren doesn't agree.

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17. Nancy Hayton is being watched by an unknown person who reveals herself to be Fran's daughter Brooke Hathaway.

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18. Nancy Hayton asks Darren why is he keeping his distance, so Darren organises a romantic meal for Nancy.

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19. The next day, Nancy Hayton tells Darren they should give their marriage another chance unaware of his one night stand.

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20. Nancy Hayton is angry when Darren lies again after stealing from the loft.

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21. Nancy Hayton returns home and Nancy tells him that their marriage is over.

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22. Nancy Hayton is emotional when she suffers a tremor and tells Darren that when the MS gets too much, she wants to end her life and she wants him to help her.

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23. Nancy Hayton agrees but struggles to hide it from her family.

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24. Nancy Hayton starts to feel unwell so Darren takes her to a hospital.

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25. Nancy Hayton is blonde due to Fox's choice to change her hair colour.

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26. In 2016, Nancy Hayton discovers that Darren and Maxine buried Patrick Blake's body in the City Wall and she agrees to keep it a secret.

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27. Nancy Hayton becomes more desperate for pills so Frankie locks her in the bathroom but Nancy climbs out the window and onto the ledge, she slips and falls off, being caught by Joe Roscoe.

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28. Nancy Hayton was drawn back to painkillers in late 2014, she got some from Trevor Roylebut they ended up being spread around the school, causing everyone to fall ill, whilst Nancy is in charge.

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29. Nancy Hayton returns but is shocked to find Darren and Sienna kissing.

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30. Nancy Hayton is given medication to prevent her giving birth but when this fails, she is given an emergency caesarean she gives birth to their son three months premature who she and Darren christen Oscar Osborne.

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31. Nancy Hayton decides to leave to live with her mother in Canada but she is stopped by Darren who reveals his plan.

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32. Nancy Hayton blames herself for failing to believe Lynsey and for not seeing Silas' guilt but she is ultimately forgiven by the villagers and Lynsey.

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33. Nancy Hayton doubts Lynsey and clashes with her, but when it is revealed Silas is guilty, several villagers believe Nancy knew of Silas' guilt.

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34. Nancy Hayton calls the police when she witnesses Jake meeting with Charlie.

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35. Nancy Hayton tries to take Charlie but Nancy hits Jake with a frying pan, rendering hum unconscious.

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36. Nancy Hayton finds them and saves Charlie but leaves Jake for dead.

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37. Nancy Hayton leaves Jake despite his pleas for her to stay.

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38. Nancy Hayton regrets marrying Jake and when he launches a tirade of insults at her, she realises that Jake lied to the police about Newt.

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39. Nancy Hayton discovers this and goes out with Hannah and Sarah Barnes who tell Nancy they dislike Jake and his treatment of Nancy.

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40. Nancy Hayton begins taking prescription drugs while taking her A-level examinations.

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41. Nancy Hayton abuses recreational drugs in a bid to fit in with Foz.

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42. Nancy Hayton begins dealing with the fall out of Becca's affair with her pupil Justin, whilst trying to keep her own relationship with Foz together.

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43. Nancy Hayton has a brief relationship with Justin, who is having a secret relationship with Becca and uses Nancy to make Becca jealous.

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44. Nancy Hayton has an emergency Caesarean and gives birth to a boy who the doctors are unsure if he will "make it through the night" which Fox said is a "terrible time for Nancy and Darren".

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45. Nancy Hayton calls Darren who takes her to hospital where she is "doubled over in agony".

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46. Nancy Hayton suffers a miscarriage which Fox said is a "really traumatic time" for both Nancy and Darren.

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47. Nancy Hayton begins to suspect Darren is having an affair with Cindy which begins because he has "been behaving a bit strangely" while planning the secret wedding.

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48. Nancy Hayton feels like a bit of a failure and Nancy is this strong woman who's organised and everything Darren isn't".

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49. Nancy Hayton feels she's good for him and that he almost doesn't deserve her.

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50. Nancy Hayton added that the pair share a "tempestuous relationship, even if it's very sweet".

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51. In many ways, Darren is a typical man and Nancy Hayton is a typical woman".

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52. Nancy Hayton begins a relationship with Darren Osborne.

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53. Nancy Hayton is "incensed", and Fox explained that this revelation is the "final straw" for Nancy who declares the marriage is over as this admission "really shows Jake's true colours" to her.

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54. Nancy Hayton added that Jake Nancy still does not feel the wedding is right after he makes the arrangements but Jake still "keeps on pushing and pushing and she gives in".

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55. Nancy Hayton is a punk and more "strong-willed" than Becca remembers her.

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56. Nancy Hayton has very definite ideas of what she wants and what she doesn't".

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57. Nancy Hayton was created as the younger sister of Becca, who arrives to visit.

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