17 Facts About New Taipei


New Taipei City is a special municipality located in northern Taiwan.

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New Taipei City is a conurbation which was merged from numbers of regiopolis, suburban business districts or commuter towns to form one continuous polycentric urban area.

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New Taipei City was known as Taipei County before its promotion to special municipality status in 2010.

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Archeological records show that New Taipei City had been inhabited since the Neolithic period, with artifacts dug in Bali District having shown remains as early as 7000 to 4700 BC.

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In July 1949, the size of Taipei County was reduced when Beitou and Shilin townships were put under the jurisdiction of the newly created Caoshan Administrative Bureau, which would later be renamed the Yangmingshan Administrative Bureau.

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On 25 December 2010, Taipei County was upgraded to a special municipality as New Taipei City consisting of 29 districts with the modern Banqiao District as the municipal seat.

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New Taipei City is located at the northern tip of Taiwan Island.

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New Taipei City is a special municipality directly under the central government of the Republic of China.

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New Taipei City is home to the Banqiao Stadium and Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium.

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New Taipei City is filled with many cultural and creative industries, such as pottery in Yingge District, Liuli industry in Tamsui District, drum industry in Xinzhuang District, dye industry in Sanxia District, noble metal processing industry in Ruifang District, sky lantern industry in Pingxi District, etc.

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New Taipei is producing 450 to 550 bikes a day for brands like Felt, Canyon, Kona, Willier and others as OEM.

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Education in New Taipei City is governed by the Education Department of New Taipei City Government.

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In January 2016, New Taipei City was the top in terms of electricity saving in Taiwan, in which electricity consumption for the period April–November 2015 was cut down by 1.

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New Taipei City has a wide range of historical, natural and cultural attractions for tourists.

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New Taipei Metro serves the area through the following 5 lines.

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New Taipei Metro is the best way to access the city's northern, southern, and western sections.

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Famous bridge in New Taipei City is the Taipei Bridge, connecting New Taipei City with Taipei over the Tamsui River.

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