30 Facts About Taipei City


Taipei, officially Taipei City, is the capital and a special municipality of the Republic of China .

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Taipei City is the economic, political, educational and cultural center of Taiwan and one of the major hubs in East Asia.

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In English-language news reports, the name Taipei City often serves as a synecdoche referring to central government of Taiwan.

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In 1990, Taipei City provided the backdrop for the Wild Lily student rallies that moved Taiwanese society from one-party rule to multi-party democracy by 1996.

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Region known as the Taipei City Basin was home to Ketagalan tribes before the eighteenth century.

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From 1875 until the beginning of Japanese rule in 1895, Taipei City was part of Tamsui County of Taipeh Prefecture and the prefectural capital.

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Subsequently, Taipei was established as a provincial city and a temporary Office of the Taiwan Province Administrative Governor was established in it.

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In 1947 the Kuomintang government under Chiang Kai-shek declared island-wide martial law in Taiwan as a result of the 28 February Incident, which began with incidents in Taipei City but led to an island-wide crackdown on the local population by forces loyal to Chiang.

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The KMT-led national government that fled to Taiwan declared Taipei City to be the provisional capital of a continuing Republic of China.

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Taipei City expanded greatly in the decades after 1949, and as approved on 30 December 1966, by the Executive Yuan, Taipei City was declared a special municipality on 1 July 1967.

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Taipei City has a monsoon humid subtropical climate bordering no dry season humid subtropical climate .

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Foreign companies with offices or regional headquarters in Taipei City include Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, HSBC, Citibank, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, JP Morgan, PwC, and many others.

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Taipei City has more than 400 startups and numerous incubation centers, accelerators, venture capitals, and angel investors.

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Taipei City has many top tourist attractions and contributes a significant amount to the US$6.

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Taipei City 101's New Year's Eve fireworks display is a regular feature of international broadcasts.

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New venue, the Taipei City Performing Arts Center, is under construction and slated to open in 2015.

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Taipei City is known for its many night markets, the most famous of which is the Shilin Night Market in the Shilin District.

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Taipei City maintains an extensive system of parks, green spaces, and nature preserves.

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The Taipei City Zoo was founded in 1914 and covers an area of 165 hectares for animal sanctuary.

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Taipei City has a variety of temples dedicating to Deities from Chinese folk religion, Taoism and Chinese Buddhism.

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The high point is the countdown to midnight, when Taipei City 101 assumes the role of the world's largest fireworks platform.

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Taipei City is a special municipality which is directly under the Executive Yuan .

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The mayor of Taipei City was an appointed position since Taipei's conversion to a centrally administered municipality in 1967 until the first public election was held in 1994.

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Taipei City is famous for its effort in garbage recycling, which has become such a good international precedent that other countries have sent teams to study the recycling system.

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Taipei City is characterized by straight roads and public buildings of grand Western architectural styles.

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Public transport accounts for a substantial portion of different modes of transport in Taiwan, with Taipei City residents having the highest utilization rate at 34.

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Taipei City Station serves as the comprehensive hub for the subway, bus, conventional rail, and high-speed rail.

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Taipei City is home to the campuses of 24 universities and Academia Sinica, Taiwan's national academy which supports the Taiwan International Graduate Program:.

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Taipei City Municipal Stadium is a multipurpose stadium that hosts football and track and field events, as well as concerts, both live and prerecorded.

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Taipei City is a member of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21.

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