39 Facts About Nigel Mansell

1. Nigel Mansell won the Hawthorn Memorial Trophy, an award for the leading British or Commonwealth driver in F1 each year, a record seven times in his career.

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2. Nigel Mansell was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2005.

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3. Nigel Mansell was awarded the title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year in both 1986 and 1992.

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4. Nigel Mansell appeared without his well-known moustache in the first half of the 1988 season.

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5. Nigel Mansell is the owner of the Team UK Youth cycling team.

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6. Nigel Mansell spent 11 years of his life as a Special Constable on the Isle of Man during his driving career, and in Devon after he retired from racing.

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7. Nigel Mansell lived in Port Erin on the Isle of Man during most of his F1 career until 1995.

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8. Nigel Mansell appeared as a playable driver for Williams in Codemasters' F1 2013.

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9. In 2010, Nigel Mansell paired with Iranian-British comic Omid Djalili in a UK television advertising campaign for price comparison website Moneysupermarket.

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10. On 1 October 2009 Nigel Mansell appeared as the 'Face of Euronics'.

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11. Nigel Mansell took this role at the 2010, 2011 and 2012 British Grands Prix.

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12. On 3 July 2009, Nigel Mansell tested his other son Greg's World Series by Renault car at the Silverstone Circuit, setting a best time six seconds off the pace of the fastest driver in the session.

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13. Nigel Mansell was paired with Chris Niarchos, finishing seventh in class and 21st overall.

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14. Nigel Mansell became a financial stakeholder and a driver in the new Grand Prix Masters series.

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15. On 16 July 2005, Nigel Mansell took part in a Race of Legends exhibition event at the Norisring round of the DTM.

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16. Nigel Mansell made a return to racing in 1998 in the British Touring Car Championship, driving in a Ford Mondeo for three rounds.

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17. Nigel Mansell lost control of his car through the exit of the Old Hairpin, over-corrected the slide and collided with Tiff Needell's Vauxhall Cavalier, resulting in a spin and a bad crash into the tyre wall under the bridge.

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18. Nigel Mansell took his final Grand Prix victory in Adelaide, the last race of the season, having out-qualified the two title contenders at the time, Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher, in the process.

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19. Nigel Mansell was paid approximately £900,000 per race, compared to his teammate Hill being paid £300,000 for the entire season.

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20. Nigel Mansell took over the car Senna was brought in to drive toward the end of the 1994 campaign.

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21. Nigel Mansell was the catalyst for the breakdown in the relationship between himself and Mario Andretti.

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22. At the 1993 Indianapolis 500, Nigel Mansell would lead the race only to finish third after losing the lead to Emerson Fittipaldi and Arie Luyendyk after a poor restart.

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23. Nigel Mansell won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award again in 1992, one of only four people to have won the award twice.

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24. Nigel Mansell held the record for the most races before becoming World Champion with 180 races; this record was broken by Nico Rosberg in 2016 with 206 races.

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25. Nigel Mansell managed 14 pole positions that year, a record only broken by Sebastian Vettel in 2011 in the Brazilian Grand Prix on 26 November.

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26. Nigel Mansell was crowned Formula One World Champion early in the season at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the 11th round of that season, where his second-place finish clinched the Drivers' Championship, securing the title in the least number of Grands Prix since the 16-race season format started.

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27. Nigel Mansell started the year with five straight victories.

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28. Nigel Mansell would be paid £4.6 million a season, a deal which made him the highest paid British sportsman at the time.

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29. Nigel Mansell scored only a single win, at the 1990 Portuguese Grand Prix, and finished a thrilling second to Nelson Piquet in Australia, and finished fifth in the World Championship.

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30. Nigel Mansell achieved a second straight victory at the South African Grand Prix in Kyalami.

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31. Nigel Mansell was remembered by many that year when he collapsed while pushing his car to the finish line after the transmission failed on the last lap of the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix.

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32. At the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix Nigel Mansell surprised many by overtaking Alain Prost in a wet race for the lead, but soon after retired from the race after losing control on the slippery painted lines on the road surface on the run up the hill on lap 15.

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33. Nigel Mansell was faster, he had out-qualified Nigel ten times to three.

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34. At the time Nigel Mansell was paid £50,000 a year and was offered £10,000 to take part in Le Mans.

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35. In 1976, Nigel Mansell won six of the nine races he took part in, including his debut event at Mallory Park.

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36. Nigel Mansell was inducted to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2005.

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37. Nigel Mansell raced in the Grand Prix Masters series in 2005, and won the championship title.

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38. Nigel Mansell was rated in the top 10 Formula One drivers of all time by longtime Formula One commentator Murray Walker.

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39. Nigel Mansell held the record for the most number of poles set in a single season, which was broken in 2011 by Sebastian Vettel.

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