101 Facts About Sebastian Vettel

1. Sebastian Vettel will be racing alongside Leclerc this season after the highly-rated prospect was drafted in to replace the veteran Kimi Raikkonen.

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2. In spite of this Sebastian Vettel technically breached his contract being at the test with Ferrari—although not driving the car but Red Bull did not enforce any sanctions.

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3. Sebastian Vettel would have taken the lead in the standings—instead, he fell back to 4th behind Alonso, Hamilton and Webber.

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4. Sebastian Vettel had similar results in 2018, winning five races and finishing the season as runner-up to Hamilton.

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5. Sebastian Vettel won four races and finished second in the world drivers' championship standings in his first season with Red Bull.

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6. Sebastian Vettel starts his fifth season at Ferrari still aiming to deliver what he has described as his 'dream', becoming world champion for F1's most famous team.

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7. In spite of this Sebastian Vettel technically breached his contract being at the test with Ferrari—although not driving the car but Red Bull did not enforce any sanctions.

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8. Sebastian Vettel would have taken the lead in the standings—instead, he fell back to 4th behind Alonso, Hamilton and Webber.

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9. Sebastian Vettel really started becoming a household name during his days with Red Bull.

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10. Sebastian Vettel has finished runner-up to Hamilton in the last two seasons, both times the German seeing his title challenge wane in the second half of the year.

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11. Sebastian Vettel is under pressure to deliver in 2019 after failing to stop Lewis Hamilton recording back-to-back Formula One titles, says Nico Rosberg.

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12. Sebastian Vettel led the 2018 championship before mid-distance but cost himself dearly by crashing out of the lead of the German Grand Prix and spinning early in three other races.

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13. Sebastian Vettel said: "It's important to have a close relationship with a car.

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14. Sebastian Vettel was eliminated in the group stages of the individual competition, meaning for the first time, he finished the event without winning a title, although he managed to win the ROC Skills Challenge.

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15. Sebastian Vettel finished the race down in 6th behind both Mercedes, both Red Bulls, and his teammate, struggling for pace throughout.

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16. Sebastian Vettel would only finish 6th, whilst Hamilton took his 50th win for Mercedes, meaning his championship challenge was all but over, 67 points behind with just 100 points remaining.

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17. Sebastian Vettel would collide with the Dutchman, and fell to the back of the field as a result.

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18. Sebastian Vettel recovered to cross the finishing line in 5th, but moved up to 4th with a penalty for Verstappen.

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19. Sebastian Vettel took the lead at the start, while Hamilton was crashed by Raikkonen, dropping him to the back of the field.

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20. Sebastian Vettel received a five-second penalty and eventually recovered to finish 5th.

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21. Sebastian Vettel left Montreal with a one-point lead in the championship, after Hamilton had a difficult weekend at one of his best tracks and only finished 5th.

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22. Sebastian Vettel maintained the lead through the first round of pit-stops and held off Mercedes's Valtteri Bottas despite being on 39 lap old soft tyres, to take a record fourth victory in Bahrain.

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23. Sebastian Vettel was not far off the Mercedes cars but had to settle for third.

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24. Sebastian Vettel went on to win the race from Ricciardo, thus surpassing Ayrton Senna's victory count for his 42nd career win, moving him into third on the all-time list.

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25. Sebastian Vettel finished second in Monaco, having run very close to eventual winner Rosberg for most parts of the race.

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26. Sebastian Vettel was in second for a long spell during the Spanish Grand Prix but due to a change of pit stop strategy, Lewis Hamilton got past and pulled away, leaving Vettel in third at the end of the race.

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27. In spite of this Sebastian Vettel technically breached his contract being at the test with Ferrari—although not driving the car but Red Bull did not enforce any sanctions.

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28. Sebastian Vettel took pole again for the Malaysian Grand Prix in dominant display of wet weather driving, lapping over 2.5 seconds faster than teammate Webber.

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29. Sebastian Vettel would have taken the lead in the standings—instead, he fell back to 4th behind Alonso, Hamilton and Webber.

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30. Sebastian Vettel dropped to twelfth after pitting to replace the tyre, and finished eleventh after Pastor Maldonado retired late in the race with an engine failure.

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31. Sebastian Vettel scored a second-place finish at the opening race of the season in Australia.

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32. Sebastian Vettel helped secure Red Bull's second successive Constructors' World Championship in the process.

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33. Sebastian Vettel was caught by Alonso and Button as his tyres deteriorated, but neither were able to pass him on the narrow streets of the Monte-Carlo circuit.

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34. Sebastian Vettel finished the race second, his championship lead cut to 21 points over Hamilton after three races.

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35. Sebastian Vettel won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from pole again, to take the Drivers' Championship lead for the first time in his career and became the youngest world champion in the sport's history.

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36. Sebastian Vettel passed Button for fourth place in the championship.

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37. Sebastian Vettel eventually finished 15th, his lowest placing of the season.

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38. Sebastian Vettel finished third in Hungary after serving a drive-through penalty for exceeding ten lengths behind the previous car, teammate Webber, under neutralised safety car conditions.

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39. Sebastian Vettel fought back to finish seventh while Webber took the victory.

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40. Sebastian Vettel started the European Grand Prix in pole position and led from start to finish to score his second win of the season.

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41. Sebastian Vettel finished fourth at the Canadian Grand Prix, maintaining his position in the standings.

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42. Sebastian Vettel took his second consecutive pole position in Australia, ahead of teammate Mark Webber, but spun off when leading the race, due to a loose wheel nut.

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43. Sebastian Vettel scored his third fastest lap of the year, drawing him level with teammate Webber.

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44. Sebastian Vettel officially claimed second place by winning the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, again ahead of Webber with Button completing the podium.

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45. Sebastian Vettel finished fourth with Button behind, giving Button the Championship and moving Vettel up into second place.

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46. Sebastian Vettel would have to wait until the 2011 Indian Grand Prix until he finally achieved a Grand Slam.

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47. Sebastian Vettel finished third at Spa-Francorchamps, and struggled for pace at Monza, finishing 8th at a race he previously won.

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48. Sebastian Vettel impressed many at the European Grand Prix by setting the fastest times in the first practice session and second qualifying session, before qualifying sixth on the grid.

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49. Sebastian Vettel collected five championship points, making it both his and Toro Rosso's best race result.

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50. Sebastian Vettel earned approximately US$165,000 for finishing the season with Toro Rosso.

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51. Sebastian Vettel was leading the championship when he was called up to Formula One permanently.

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52. Sebastian Vettel set the third-fastest lap time, and it surprised his ASM team boss Frederic Vasseur.

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53. Sebastian Vettel made his debut in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series at Misano, where he was promoted to second, after the original winner Pastor Maldonado was disqualified.

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54. Sebastian Vettel is a four-time Formula One World Champion, having won the championship in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 with Red Bull Racing.

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55. Sebastian Vettel has revealed that he "struggled to drive on the straights" during the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix which saw him drop from second to sixth and Scuderia Ferrari's championship challenge come to an end.

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56. Sebastian Vettel started the Interlagos race from second on the grid with his Ferrari, and that of Kimi Raikkonen.

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57. Lewis Hamilton on pole in Brazil, Sebastian Vettel summoned to stewards.

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58. Sebastian Vettel had just started the second qualifying session in Brazil, when.

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59. Sebastian Vettel was untouchable as he stormed his Red Bull to four consecutive World Championships, his fourth crown coming at the final Indian race in 2013.

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60. Sebastian Vettel gave his Brazilian Grand Prix a rating of one out of ten after dropping from second at the start to sixth at the finish, but said he had no problem giving up a position to Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen along the way.

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61. Sebastian Vettel had been clearly knocked into his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, forcing him to.

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62. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel still side-by-side nearing F1's mid-point.

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63. Sebastian Vettel will therefore still start second on Sunday's grid on the front.

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64. Sebastian Vettel has been fined and reprimanded, but escaped a grid penalty, at the Brazilian GP after a stewards investigation into his conduct at the weighbridge during qualifying.

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65. Sebastian Vettel started from the front-row of the grid at Interlagos but slipped to third on the opening lap as he was.

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66. Sebastian Vettel reprimanded and fined but keeps front-row grid spot.

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67. Sebastian Vettel had a rather anonymous race on Sunday, which was somewhat surprising given his.

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68. Sebastian Vettel says he is not worried about the ambitions of his new Ferrari teammate for 2019.

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69. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were both facing the prospect of penalties after an eventful qualifying session in Brazil.

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70. Sebastian Vettel was third fastest in the session where rivals Mercedes topped the times, Valtteri Bottas beating Hamilton by 0.003 seconds.

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71. Sebastian Vettel was stopped by the FIA for a weight check early in Q2 after.

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72. Daniel Ricciardo understands why Sebastian Vettel was frustrated when called into the weighbridge during Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying, and believes the FIA should make a rule tweak.

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73. Sebastian Vettel will start from the front row at the Brazilian Grand Prix after only receiving a reprimand for a bizarre incident involving the FIA weigh bridge.

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74. Sebastian Vettel started on the front row of the grid at Interlagos but was passed by.

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75. In 2009, Sebastian Vettel was awarded the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy, for achievements in the 2008 season.

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76. Sebastian Vettel was named Rookie of the Year at the annual Autosport Awards in 2008.

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77. In 2014, Sebastian Vettel cited Schumacher as one of his inspirations in becoming a Ferrari driver from 2015 saying; "When I was a kid, Michael Schumacher in the red car was my greatest idol and now it's an incredible honour to finally get the chance to drive a Ferrari.

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78. Sebastian Vettel made an emotional speech commemorating Schumacher's achievements in the sport.

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79. Sebastian Vettel started his 2013 campaign with a new design in honour of Felix Baumgartner, for his world record Red Bull Stratos space jump in October 2012.

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80. At the 2012 Italian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel celebrated his 50th helmet design with a 'rusty' matte look and 50 tallies, indicating his 50 helmet designs in Formula One.

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81. At age eight, Sebastian Vettel wanted Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid on his helmet.

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82. In 2017, Sebastian Vettel was knocked out in the first heat for the Race of Champions, but went on to win the Nations Cup for Germany by himself with an unprecedented 7 consecutive victories, after his teammate Pascal Wehrlein was injured earlier in a crash.

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83. In 2015, Sebastian Vettel won his very first Race of Champions beating Kristensen in the final.

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84. Sebastian Vettel returned to the ROC in 2015, teaming up with fellow F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg to represent Germany in the Nations' Cup.

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85. Sebastian Vettel competed in the 2008 Race of Champions, alongside Michael Schumacher.

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86. Sebastian Vettel had to beat two RoC champions, Heikki Kovalainen and Marcus Gronholm, after Schumacher stalled his car.

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87. Sebastian Vettel competed in the 2007 Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium, representing the German team alongside Michael Schumacher.

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88. Sebastian Vettel maintained his position at the start, with teammate Raikkonen taking the lead from Hamilton.

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89. In the USA, Sebastian Vettel was given a three-place grid penalty for failing to slow down sufficiently during a red flag period in first practice.

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90. Sebastian Vettel made a blistering start, moving up to fourth after the opening lap.

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91. Sebastian Vettel joined him on the front row, giving Ferrari their 60th front row lock out in F1.

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92. Sebastian Vettel eventually finished in 2nd despite a late collision with Bottas, but Hamilton's comfortable win gave him a 24-point lead going into the summer break.

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93. Sebastian Vettel left Silverstone with an eight point advantage in the drivers' championship.

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94. Sebastian Vettel took the lead at the start and controlled the race throughout.

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95. Sebastian Vettel took his fourth pole of the season in Canada.

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96. Sebastian Vettel missed out on a podium for a third consecutive race in Spain, as he finished 4th, with Hamilton winning again to extend his championship lead to 17 points.

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97. Sebastian Vettel led from the start until his first stop, when he moved down to second position behind Bottas, who hadn't stopped yet.

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98. Sebastian Vettel limped home in 8th place, with his championship lead reduced to 9 points.

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99. Sebastian Vettel wrapped up the runners-up spot in the championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi, taking his 13th podium of the season.

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100. For the first time in his career, Sebastian Vettel had failed to win the Drivers' Championship having led it at some stage during a season.

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101. Sebastian Vettel needed a new front wing, whilst Hamilton suffered a puncture.

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