5 Facts About Norfolk Island

1. In 2015 a company in Norfolk Island was granted a licence to export medicinal cannabis.

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2. Population of Norfolk Island was 1748 in the 2016 census, which had declined from a high of 2601 in 2001.

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3. In 1979, Norfolk Island was granted limited self-government by Australia, under which the island elected a government that ran most of the island's affairs.

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4. On 1 November 1856 Norfolk Island was separated from the Colony of Tasmania and constituted as a "distinct and separate Settlement, the affairs of which should until further Order in that behalf by Her Majesty be administered by a Governor to be for that purpose appointed".

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5. On 29 September 1844, Norfolk Island was transferred from the Colony of New South Wales to the Colony of Van Diemen's Land.

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