6 Facts About Norm Macdonald

1. In an interesting move, comedian Norm Macdonald decided to pick a fight with the Enlightenment.

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2. As of May 2017, Norm Macdonald has continued to evolve in his stand-up, moving towards a more reserved, deadpan style.

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3. In September 2010, Norm Macdonald was developing a series for Comedy Central that he described as a sports version of The Daily Show.

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4. In 2005, Norm Macdonald signed a deal with Comedy Central to create the sketch comedy Back to Norm, which debuted that May The pilot was never turned into a series.

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5. In 2000, Norm Macdonald played the starring role for the second time in a motion picture, Screwed, which fared poorly at the box office.

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6. On June 19, 2008, Norm Macdonald was a celebrity panelist on two episodes of a revived version of the game show Match Game.

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