54 Facts About Dennis Miller

1. Dennis Miller is a former assistant Stearns County attorney who helped community services social workers; Dennis Lasher, sheriff's office chief deputy; and Jeanie Kuebelbeck, land services customer service specialist.

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2. Dennis Miller is coming off of a recent unanimous decision victory over Dennis Galarza back on August 3, 2018.

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3. Dennis Miller wants to move away from political humor for a while.

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4. Dennis Miller secured 4,886 votes in the election, Foster 3,247, and Dennis Foreman 627.

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5. Dennis Miller tears Mark Cuban apart for financing and distributing the troop-smearing Brian De Palma film, Redacted.

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6. Dennis Miller says he's easing away from political humor after next week's release of his new comedy special, "Fake News-Real Jokes.

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7. Dennis Miller said he was excited for the win and Democratic challenger, Dennis Malak, in 2016.

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8. Dennis Miller will take break from politics after 'Fake News' special.

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9. Dennis Miller is embarking on a journey of reinvention, one starting with a quick U-turn from his new standup special.

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10. Dennis Miller told Bill O'Reilly, "The left believes in cradle to grave entitlement.

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11. On July 30, 1995, Dennis Miller told a reporter, "I'd vote for him [Perot] tomorrow.

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12. Dennis Miller told a reporter, "I don't know that you need to know that much about him.

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13. Dennis Miller took to Twitter to dispel such claims, calling Lorne Michaels classy and well-mannered, and insisting that everyone was invited.

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14. Dennis Miller had supported Schwarzenegger's candidacy, even acting as its post-debate spokesperson after the Sacramento gubernatorial debate on September 24, 2003.

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15. Dennis Miller sat in the gallery of two of President Bush's State of the Union addresses, on September 2, 2002, and as the President's guest on January 21, 2004.

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16. In the AE interview, Dennis Miller was asked about the outrage and public destruction of their music CDs that occurred as a response to the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines criticizing Bush at one of their concerts, when she said, "We're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.

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17. Dennis Miller made an appearance, and was invited to ride in the Presidential limousine and fly on Air Force One so he could host the President's second fundraiser that day, a dinner at Los Angeles, where he appeared with Johnny Mathis and Kelsey Grammer.

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18. In May 2003, Dennis Miller was invited by The Wall Street Journal to write an opinion piece in response to Norman Mailer's anti-war commentary in The London Times that had appeared earlier in the month, and which had claimed, "With their dominance in sport, at work and at home eroded, Bush thought white American men needed to know they were still good at something.

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19. Dennis Miller advocated invading Iraq, and vented his displeasure at France's lack of support for the idea, saying, "I say we invade Iraq and then invade Chirac.

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20. In 2003 Dennis Miller told an interviewer that he was impressed by Bush for pursuing "the liquidation of terrorism", even though "that's not gonna be finished in his lifetime.

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21. In a 2012 interview, Dennis Miller showed no concern over whether his political stance had made him less popular or robbed him of the credit of popularizing comedic rants, saying, "I'm a 58-year-old man and I'm happy where I'm at.

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22. In a 2007 interview with Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller spoke on the subject of his political outlook.

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23. Dennis Miller has said that he privately began to change his politics in 1992 when liberals made jokes about the poor performance Ross Perot's running mate James Stockdale displayed during a televised debate.

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24. Dennis Miller has referred to his casual stage-style as "quasi-Dean Martin insouciance.

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25. Dennis Miller had no respect for Bruce, telling the Times, "Lenny was a heroin addict, and I couldn't care less about heroin addicts.

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26. Dennis Miller has a laid-back style and an acerbic, brooding sense of humor.

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27. Dennis Miller has appeared in several films, in both comedic and non-comedic roles.

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28. Dennis Miller ended the radio show after his current contract expired on March 27, 2015.

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29. Dennis Miller stated, "I'm going to try to stay in the background and ask questions a fan would ask.

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30. Dennis Miller told reporters that he would not be trying to dominate the show.

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31. Dennis Miller would appear several times on Leno's show afterwards, even being one of the comedian stand-ins delivering Michael Jackson jokes when Leno was under a court-ordered gag order during the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson.

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32. Dennis Miller told a reporter, "I just got fed up in private and decided to call Jay earlier this week, because life is too short.

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33. In 1995, after the Kushnick firing, Dennis Miller called Leno and they apologized to each other.

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34. Dennis Miller went back to stand-up comedy, performing at colleges and preparing for an HBO special.

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35. Dennis Miller blasted Leno and Kushnick's press conference earlier that month that denied such tactics were being used.

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36. Dennis Miller openly complained that getting guests had become increasingly difficult after Leno took over from Carson.

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37. Rather than just rely on the talent agent, Dennis Miller began calling people personally to invite them to be guests on his show.

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38. Dennis Miller called Leno and complained loudly and with expletives, so they "butted heads for a while".

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39. Dennis Miller felt he was attracting an audience that wanted a "different, funky vibe".

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40. Dennis Miller thought there would be room for his show as its main competitors for the time slot would be The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Arsenio Hall Show and he felt they all attracted different audiences.

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41. In 1992, after leaving SNL, Dennis Miller hosted an eponymous late-night talk show in syndication that lasted seven months.

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42. Dennis Miller had not been particularly political in his comedy before SNL but found that it came easy—he could open a newspaper and find a few headlines to build a new act around.

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43. Dennis Miller walked into a well-lit room and was told "Go ahead, you have eight minutes, Dennis.

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44. Dennis Miller made his first appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on June 24, 1985.

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45. Dennis Miller resigned from KDKA and moved to Los Angeles to try to further his comedy career.

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46. While in New York City, Dennis Miller supported himself by working rather mundane jobs during the day, such as bartender and payroll clerk, and by night made the rounds of New York clubs The Comic Strip, The Improvisation, and Catch a Rising Star.

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47. Many of the comedians Dennis Miller was up against had hours of crafted material, while he had fine-tuned around ten minutes.

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48. Dennis Miller gained more exposure when he tried out for the New York Laff-Off Contest.

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49. Dennis Miller lived without a car and without much money in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, hitching rides or taking buses.

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50. Dennis Miller likened his social status at this period as being lower than Booger of Revenge of the Nerds.

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51. Dennis Miller is reticent to speak about his father, usually just saying he "moved on when I was very young.

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52. Dennis Miller was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in the suburb of Castle Shannon.

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53. Dennis Miller is listed as 21st on Comedy Central's 100 greatest stand up comedians of all time, and was ranked as the best host of SNL's Weekend Update by Vulture.

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54. From 2007 to 2015, Dennis Miller hosted a daily, three-hour, self-titled talk radio program, nationally syndicated by Westwood One.

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