17 Facts About Novosibirsk


Novosibirsk is the largest city and administrative centre of Novosibirsk Oblast and Siberian Federal District in Russia.

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Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 on the Ob River crossing point of the future Trans-Siberian Railway, where the Novosibirsk Rail Bridge was constructed.

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Under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, Novosibirsk became one of the largest industrial centers of Siberia.

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Novosibirsk was founded on the right side of the Ob, near an area traditionally inhabited by Chat Tatars .

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Novosibirsk took fewer than seventy years to achieve this milestone.

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On 1 August 2008, Novosibirsk was in the center of the path of a solar eclipse, with a duration of 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

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Climate in Novosibirsk is typical of Siberia, with dry winters and far-below-freezing winter temperatures.

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Novosibirsk is the second-farthest substantially populated city from the ocean, the first being Urumqi in China.

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For example, Novosibirsk is less cold during winter nights than Spassk-Dalny at eleven degrees lower latitude.

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Novosibirsk is home to Russia's most powerful shortwave relay station east of the Ural mountains.

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Novosibirsk is a major stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway and the north end of Turkestan–Siberia Railway.

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The main railway station of Novosibirsk is Novosibirsk-Glavny station which is located in the centre of the right bank part of the city.

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Novosibirsk is the home town of several former Olympians, including Aleksandr Karelin, a twelve-time world Greco-Roman wrestling champion who has been voted the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of the twentieth century by the sport's international governing body of FILA.

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Novosibirsk is home to the following institutions of higher education:.

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Quality Schools International QSI International School of Novosibirsk, previously located in Akademgorodok, opened in 2008.

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Novosibirsk Planetarium was awarded in 2015 as the best social infrastructure object in Russia.

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Novosibirsk Zoo is a world-renowned scientific institution as well as a popular tourist attraction.

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