101 Facts About Olly Murs

1. Olly Murs joined the judging panel on The Voice UK last year, alongside Sir Tom Jones, 78, Jennifer Hudson, 37, and will.

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2. Olly Murs is currently single, although he was romantically linked to Mel Sykes, 48, in 2017.

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3. Olly Murs has braved the cold weather to frolic in the snow in his underwear.

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4. Olly Murs was forced to ask the audience of The Voice for deodorant during Saturday night's live show—prompting amusement from fans.

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5. Olly Murs was forced to ask the audience of The Voice for deodorant during Saturday night's live show—prompting amusement from fans.

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6. Olly Murs borrows deodorant from audience member because he smells on The Voice.

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7. Olly Murs was left a little underwhelmed himself before moving on with the show.

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8. Olly Murs previously turned down an offer from Simon Cowell to rejoin the X Factor team so that he could carry on as a judge on The Voice.

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9. On Friday, Olly Murs was up to his old antics when he stripped off to his undies and dived into his snow-covered garden.

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10. Olly Murs managed to wear less than Lizzie Cundy, who took a snow selfie wearing a pink striped swimsuit, sunglasses and a big bobble hat.

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11. Olly Murs was born in Witham in the city of Essex in England.

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12. Olly Murs failed at the first attempt into The X Factor but made it through the audition stage on his second attempt in 2009.

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13. Olly Murs sits on a net worth estimated at about $6 million.

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14. Olly Murs is a British singer-songwriter, who rose to fame after finishing second in the 2009 series of The X Factor.

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15. Olly Murs performed at many big music festivals such as Lytham Festival, Capital FM's Jinglebell Ball, V Festival, and many more.

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16. Olly Murs once joked that if he could duet with anyone, it would be ex-Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles.

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17. Olly Murs has won two BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, once in 2011 and next in 2013.

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18. Olly Murs was mentored by Simon Cowell during his time on The X Factor and eventually finished in second place.

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19. In 2007, Olly Murs appeared on gameshow Deal Or No Deal, winning only £10.

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20. Olly Murs made bold moves on The Voice UK, promising an act a support slot on his tour if they pick him as a coach over rival Jennifer Hudson.

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21. Olly Murs lived with his parents Vicky and Pete Olly Murs until Easter 2012, when he moved into a five-bedroom house of his own in Toot Hill, Essex.

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22. On 26 July 2016, Olly Murs served as both a guest and guest panelist on Loose Women in place of Katie Price who had fallen ill.

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23. On 1 February 2012, Olly Murs began his 22-date arena tour, starting with an audience of 20,000 in Cardiff.

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24. Olly Murs went on to present a Celebrity Special over the Christmas Period in 2011 and again in 2012.

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25. On 4 April 2011, Olly Murs stood in for Comedy Dave Vitty on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1 for one week while Vitty was rehearsing for Dancing on Ice.

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26. In February 2011, it was announced that Olly Murs would participate in the BT Charity Trek, with other celebrities, as part of the 2011 Comic Relief Red Nose Day campaign.

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27. Olly Murs was confirmed to be returning for the 8th season on 21 September 2018.

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28. On 10 November 2014, Olly Murs confirmed on his Twitter account that he would join the line up for Band Aid 30.

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29. In March 2012, Olly Murs performed at the 'Big Gig' event in Birmingham.

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30. In October 2018, Olly Murs announced that his sixth album would be a double album called You Know I Know with one disc featuring new tracks and the second disc continuing singles from Murs' previous albums.

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31. On 2 September 2016, Olly Murs announced on his Twitter account that his fifth album would be called 24 Hrs and would be released on 11 November.

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32. On 9 July 2016, Olly Murs served as a support act for British five piece vocal group Take That at their British Summer Time concert at Hyde Park in London.

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33. On 1 July 2016, Olly Murs revealed on his Twitter account that the album's first single "You Don't Know Love" would be released on 8 July.

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34. On 10 February 2015, Olly Murs confirmed on his Twitter account that the third single to be released from the album would be "Seasons".

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35. On 11 September, Olly Murs announced on his Facebook page that he was going to release a re-packaged edition of Right Place Right Time, which would be released in November 2013.

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36. Olly Murs confirmed via his Twitter account in February 2012 that the album's third single would be "Oh My Goodness", and that it would be released on 2 April.

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37. In September 2011, Olly Murs announced via Twitter that his second album would be entitled In Case You Didn't Know, taken from a song of the same name which appears on the album.

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38. Olly Murs confirmed in July 2011, that the lead single from the album would be called "Heart Skips a Beat", and it would feature up-and-coming Brithop Rap duo Rizzle Kicks.

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39. Olly Murs commented: "Sadly she kept giving me the impression that she didn't like me as much, and ultimately it didn't work out, so that's where the idea of me singing 'Please Don't Let Me Go' came from.

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40. Olly Murs was booked to appear at the engagement party of model Danielle Lloyd.

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41. Olly Murs was told by Cole, "You absolutely tore it from your soul.

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42. In 2009, Olly Murs auditioned for the sixth series of The X Factor, performing Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".

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43. Olly Murs appeared on the game show Deal or No Deal in 2007, where he won the meagre sum of £10.

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44. Olly Murs went to school with Next of Kin and played semi-professionally for Isthmian Division One North side Witham Town between 2006 and 2008.

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45. Olly Murs has a twin brother, Ben Murs, and a sister, Fay Murs.

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46. On 16 April 2015, it was announced that Olly Murs would be reunited with Flack to replace Dermot O'Leary as co-presenters of The X Factor from series 12.

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47. Olly Murs announced that he would tour the UK in spring 2015.

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48. In November 2012, Olly Murs released his third album Right Place Right Time, and released 6 singles from it; the first, "Troublemaker", was his fourth number one.

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49. In May 2011, it was announced that Olly Murs would return to The X Factor to co-present the spin-off show The Xtra Factor with Caroline Flack.

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50. In November 2010, Olly Murs released his self-titled debut album, Olly Murs, which entered the UK Albums Chart at number two, with the biggest week one album sales for a debut album in 2010, with over 108,000 albums sold.

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51. Olly Murs is a judge for this year's competition and got an early taste from the St Luke's pupils of the high level of writing he will have to adjudicate on.

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52. Olly Murs has revealed he nearly joined The X Factor panel this year.

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53. Olly Murs reveals why he said no to being a judge on The X Factor.

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54. Olly Murs showered with saucy gifts on his visit to Manchester—and he loves it.

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55. Olly Murs insists 'The X Factor' is still "one of the best" shows around, so he would "hate" to see the programme axed.

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56. Olly Murs found himself blocked by Louise Minchin on Twitter moments before going live on BBC Breakfast with the broadcaster.

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57. Olly Murs suffered a pretty awkward interview on BBC Breakfast today.

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58. Olly Murs awkwardly discovers BBC Breakfast host has blocked him on Twitter while on the show.

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59. Olly Murs has dispelled any doubts that he and Simon Cowell aren't friends anymore by reiterating that he was in talks to be a judge on The X Factor this year.

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60. Olly Murs says he was in talks to join The X Factor this year.

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61. Olly Murs is returning to perform, along with Michael Buble.

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62. Olly Murs hit headlines in 2015 after he appeared to announce contestant Monica Michael's elimination.

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63. Olly Murs had his "pants down" when his record company offices got evacuated last week.

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64. Olly Murs caught with his "pants down" at record company.

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65. Olly Murs has admitted it took him "years" to form a friendship with Cheryl because of her "hard exterior".

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66. Olly Murs admits it took him "years" to become friends with Cheryl.

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67. Olly Murs has revealed he was caught with his pants down during the knife attack at Sony Music headquarters last week.

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68. Olly Murs reveals it 'took years' to actually become friends with Cheryl because of her 'hard exterior'.

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69. Olly Murs strips off and falls off his bed as he celebrates his album release.

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70. Olly Murs releases his sixth album You Know I Know today via RCA and the record comes with a bonus disc featuring 12 of the.

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71. Olly Murs has told Music Week that the modern music market means "you just don't know" how new releases will perform.

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72. Olly Murs now counts himself as a friend of Cheryl, having known the singer for nine years after he found fame on The X Factor.

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73. Olly Murs admits it took him years to become friends with 'hard' Cheryl.

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74. Olly Murs is in his tenth year as a professional musical artist, having come second on the X Factor, way back in 2009.

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75. Olly Murs makes statement after getting caught up in Sony stabbing.

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76. Olly Murs says he'd like to find love on The Voice UK.

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77. Olly Murs tried to text his estranged twin brother Ben in the hopes of reconciliation—but he had changed his number.

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78. Olly Murs has revealed he turned down a job as a judge on this year's X Factor because he did not want to leave The Voice UK.

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79. Olly Murs has revealed that he wants to find love on The Voice—but there's one big catch.

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80. Olly Murs admits he wants to date his contestants on The Voice—but says bosses would FIRE him.

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81. Olly Murs 'looking for a girlfriend on The Voice' but fears he 'could be sacked'.

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82. Olly Murs talks turning down a job on The X Factor and overcoming his anxiety demons.

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83. Olly Murs has thanked the emergency services for their work after being caught up in an incident that took place at Sony Music HQ in London yesterday.

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84. Olly Murs thanks emergency services after being caught up in Sony HQ incident in London.

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85. Olly Murs says he'd like to find love among The Voice contestants—but fears bosses will sack him.

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86. Olly Murs says The X Factor "wasn't a nice experience".

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87. Olly Murs is this week's Fabulous magazine cover star and admits he's hoping to find love.

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88. Olly Murs reveals he's cut off his famous quiff as he unveils dramatic new haircut.

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89. Olly Murs 'not on speaking terms' with Simon Cowell after turning down 'The X Factor'.

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90. Olly Murs returns with pop-tastic reggae-inspired album featuring the likes of Nile Rodgers and Shaggy.

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91. Olly Murs opens up about having therapy after X Factor stint.

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92. Olly Murs has said he had therapy after his hosting stint on The X Factor.

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93. Olly Murs says hosting The X Factor "wasn't a nice experience".

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94. Olly Murs has revealed he was left in need of therapy after his time on 'The X Factor' came to an end.

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95. Olly Murs says 'The X Factor' sent him into therapy.

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96. Olly Murs reveals he had therapy after The X Factor and admits show 'wasn't a nice experience'.

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97. Olly Murs has made a triumphant return to the X Factor stage, but he hasn't forgotten his difficult past there.

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98. Olly Murs says presenting The X Factor "wasn't a nice experience".

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99. Olly Murs lived with his parents Vicky and Pete until Easter 2012 when he moved into a 5 bedroom house of his own in Toot Hill, Essex.

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100. On 25 December 2014, Olly Murs reunited with Flack to co-present a Christmas Day radio show on British radio station Magic.

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101. Olly Murs concluded his appearance with a performance of "Dance with Me Tonight", the first time he had performed the song live.

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