19 Facts About Passions


Passions is an American television soap opera that originally aired on NBC from July 5,1999, to September 7,2007, and on DirecTV's The 101 Network from September 17,2007, to August 7,2008.

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Passions debuted on NBC broadcast television in July 1999 with major fanfare.

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In 2003, Passions submitted an orangutan named BamBam, who had been portraying the recurring role of Precious, for a Daytime Emmy Award.

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In summer 2005, the prominent character Simone Russell came out as gay; Passions made daytime history by being the first serial to show two women — Simone and love interest Rae Thomas — in bed making love.

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Passions portrayed Vincent as an intersex person who became pregnant with his own father's son.

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Passions Live continued to air on Thursday nights after the series moved to DirecTV, until October 2007.

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Passions ended its NBC run on September 7,2007, and new episodes began airing on The 101 on September 17,2007.

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Passions was the first soap opera to ever have this type of feature.

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Over its run, Passions featured several storylines and sequences paying homage to or parodying other television series, films, books, and musicals like Gone with the Wind, Carrie, Titanic, I Dream of Jeannie, Brokeback Mountain, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Wizard of Oz, The Da Vinci Code, The Little Mermaid, and Wicked.

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Passions had planned to revive the character in a few months once Evans returned from his own surgery, but instead had to write Timmy out.

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Shortly after Passions debuted, Campbell tomato soup was featured as an ingredient in Grace Bennett's tomato soup cake.

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In July 2007, Passions began to promote its own move to DirecTV for the following September.

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Theme song for Passions is titled "Breathe"; it was performed by Jane French and written by French and John Henry Kreitler.

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Replacement for the serial Another World on NBC's daytime schedule, Passions debuted ahead of fellow NBC soap Sunset Beach with a 2.

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Passions remained ahead of Port Charles until the latter show's cancellation in October 2003.

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From 2001 to 2003, when Passions was at the peak of its popularity, it averaged a weekly 2.

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Passions aired in Canada for its entire NBC run, first on CTV in 1999 and then on Global TV in 2000.

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Passions was broadcast nationally in Australia on the Seven Network each weekday at 3:00pm, beginning on 29 January 2001 with the series' 1999 episodes.

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Passions has been honored with numerous awards and nominations during its run, including Daytime Emmy Awards, Imagen Foundation Awards, and a GLAAD Media Award.

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