47 Facts About Seven Network


Seven Network is an Australian commercial free-to-air television network.

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In 2009, Seven Network moved its Sydney-based production operations from Epping to a purpose-built high-definition television production facility at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh.

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Present Seven Network began as a group of independent stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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Seven Network was listed on the stock exchange in 1993, soon after the entry of subscription television provider Australis.

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Seven Network Queensland won the annual audience ratings for the first time in 1998.

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Seven Network took control of Australia Television, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Asian satellite channel, in 1997.

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On 25 September 2009, Seven Network announced its new digital channel, 7two, which officially launched on 1 November 2009.

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On 18 January 2010, Seven Network launched the online catch-up TV website called PLUS7;.

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Seven Network announced its intention to expand into digital datacasting known as 4ME, a digital channel owned by the Prime Media Group, in December 2011 on channel 64 in Prime7 and regional areas and channel 74 in other areas.

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Survival International, the global movement for tribal people's rights, sent a complaint to Seven Network outlining the many errors and distortions in the report.

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Seven Network sought judicial review, but in June 2014 the Federal Court upheld the ruling.

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On 7 February 2016, during the ad-break of Molly, after months of speculation, Seven Network officially announced their new channel as 7flix on channel 76.

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In September 2017, Seven Network announced the new service would be known as 7plus and would launch in November 2017.

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The channel ceased broadcast on 28 December 2019, just over a year since it launched, though Seven continues to utilise the Food Network branding elsewhere.

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In July 2020, the Seven Network unveiled new logos, for its multichannels, beginning with 7mate then 7two and 7flix respectively.

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In March 2021, it was announced that the Seven Network would move out of Martin Place to Eveleigh by the end of 2022 after almost two decades.

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In 2004, Seven Network launched the internationally well-known game show Deal or No Deal hosted by Andrew O'Keefe, to the 5.

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Seven Network launched a number of new series in 2006, including Heroes, Prison Break, Dancing with the Stars spin-off It Takes Two, How I Met Your Mother, and My Name Is Earl, and saw long-running series Blue Heelers ending its 13th season run after declining ratings since late 2003.

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In 2008, Seven Network launched new local drama Packed to the Rafters which became the year's top rating show with an average of 1.

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In 2010, Seven Network launched new AFL- and NRL-based entertainment shows in an effort to take on Nine's The AFL Footy Show and The NRL Footy Show and provide a bargaining chip in negotiations for AFL and NRL broadcast rights.

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In 2011, Seven Network put Packed to the Rafters on hiatus and put new Melbourne drama Winners and Losers in its place, the show won the highest ratings for the night.

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In 2013, the Seven Network launched its fifth new drama A Place to Call Home, it achieved high ratings.

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Seven Network launched 800 Words starring Erik Thomson to high ratings, making it the highest rating drama of 2015.

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Seven Network confirmed in December 2020 it had commissioned a return to a new “all stars” event version of Dancing With The Stars to air in 2021.

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From 2010, the Seven Network began to implement the tactic of creating a five to 20-minute delay in the scheduled start time of non-live programming after 7:30 pm in an attempt to minimise viewer channel surfing between prime-time shows.

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In 2018 it was reported that Seven Network had formed an agreement with 20th Century Fox to air selected Fox programming.

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Seven Network renegotiated its NBCU deal to continue rights to air existing popular NBC co-produced programs including Downton Abbey and Mrs Brown's Boys, as well as NBC News content.

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Commiserate with the American network's own slump, Seven has not found huge success with an NBC primetime series since 2007.

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Since 1988, Seven Network adopted NBC News' main theme, The Mission, as the theme for Seven Network's news programming.

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Seven Network News was the highest-rating news service nationally in both the 2005 and 2006 ratings seasons.

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Between 2007 and 2010 inclusive, Seven Network News completed a clean sweep across the five capital cities in terms of being the most watched 6 pm news bulletin.

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On 5 July 2008, Channel Seven Network introduced a watermark on news and current affairs programmes.

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Seven Network is a major purchaser of Australian sports broadcasting rights.

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Seven Network had exclusive Australian free-to-air, pay television, online and mobile telephony broadcast rights to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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From 2016, Seven Network becomes the home of the Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games and the Summer Paralympic Games.

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The Seven Network secured the Australian broadcast rights to the Olympic Games in a deal that ensures its place as the Olympic broadcaster until 2020.

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In 2016, the Seven Network won the broadcasting rights deal to be the main broadcaster of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in Australia, beating the other regular rugby league broadcasting channels of Fox League and the Nine Network to secure the deal.

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In October 2020, it was confirmed that the Seven Network will be the home of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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Seven Network screened the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in April 2018.

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Seven Network is the new free-to-air home of cricket in Australia in conjunction with Foxtel.

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In 2020, Seven Network regained the TV rights to the Supercars Championship, sharing the rights with Foxtel in a deal worth $200 million for 5 years .

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The new deal has Seven Network Sport show seven rounds of the Supercars Championship live and showing highlights of the rounds it is not able to televise.

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Seven Network programming is carried into other areas of regional Australia by third-party affiliates like SCA-owned Seven Regional in South Australia, Tasmania, Darwin and remote areas of central and eastern Australia; and WIN Television in South Australia and the Murrumbridgee Irrigation Area of New South Wales.

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In September 2017, Seven Network announced the new service would be known as 7plus and would launch in November 2017.

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In 2012, the Seven Network logo was slightly modified with the shape of it remaining the same, the upper right corner was lighter red than the remaining logo.

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At the 2018 Sport Australia media awards, Seven Network won the "Best coverage of a sporting event" award for the coverage of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

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Seven Network's ground-breaking coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games saw them win three awards at the International Olympic Committee's coveted Golden Rings Awards.

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