45 Facts About Pete Sampras

1. Pete Sampras has β-thalassemia minor, a genetic trait that sometimes causes mild anemia.

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2. Pete Sampras wore Nike apparel and Nike Air Oscillate footwear on court.

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3. Pete Sampras used one racket type, the Wilson Pro Staff Original, for his entire professional career—a racket first introduced in 1983.

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4. Pete Sampras was known for producing aces on critical points, even with his second serves.

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5. Pete Sampras was an all-court player who would often serve and volley.

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6. Pete Sampras cited a leg injury as the reason Rafter won, an attitude that upset the Australian: "He really does say some funny things at the wrong time", said Rafter, "We are out there busting our guts and he doesn't show a lot of respect at the end of the day.

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7. Pete Sampras won 12 of the 16 matches he played against Patrick Rafter, including eight of their first nine, and their final four meetings.

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8. Pete Sampras had defeated No 3 Tommy Haas in the fourth round and future No 1 Andy Roddick in the quarterfinals, while Agassi had defeated No 1 and defending champion Lleyton Hewitt in the semifinals.

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9. Pete Sampras prevailed in five sets, and went on to win his first Wimbledon championship.

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10. Pete Sampras won 20 of the 34 matches he played against Agassi.

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11. On November 17, 2011, Pete Sampras played and lost an exhibition match against Milos Raonic.

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12. Pete Sampras was present at the 2009 Wimbledon final between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer to witness Federer eclipse his mark of 14 major titles and become the most successful man in Grand Slam history.

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13. On November 20, 2007, Pete Sampras lost the first of three exhibition matches in Asia against Roger Federer in Seoul, Korea.

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14. Pete Sampras won his first two events on tour, defeating Todd Martin in both finals.

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15. Pete Sampras won a 1998 clay court tournament in Atlanta, defeating Jason Stoltenberg in the final.

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16. Pete Sampras won a 1992 clay court tournament in Kitzbuhel, defeating Alberto Mancini in the final.

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17. Pete Sampras shares the record of five US Open titles in the Open Era with Jimmy Connors and Federer.

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18. Pete Sampras was ranked the world No 1 for a total of 286 weeks and was year-end No 1 for an ATP record six consecutive years from 1993 through 1998.

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19. Pete Sampras won 64 top-level singles titles and two doubles titles.

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20. Pete Sampras had a relatively poor summer leading up to the US Open, losing at Cincinnati to No 70-ranked Wayne Arthurs in the second round, and then being eliminated at the opening round at Long Island by No 85.

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21. Pete Sampras reached the semifinals of the Australian Open in early 2000, falling to the eventual champion Agassi in a five-set match.

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22. Pete Sampras lost another semifinal at the Tennis Masters Cup to eventual champion Alex Corretja.

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23. Pete Sampras held the No 1 ranking for the entire year and joined Jimmy Connors as the only male players to hold the year-end No 1 ranking for five consecutive years.

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24. Pete Sampras advanced to the finals where he defeated No 2 Michael Chang to defend his US Open title.

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25. Pete Sampras lost in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon to the eventual winner, Richard Krajicek, the tournament's 17th-seed.

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26. Pete Sampras defeated Agassi in the final at Indian Wells, and then won his third straight Wimbledon title over Boris Becker.

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27. Pete Sampras went on to lose the final to Andre Agassi in four sets.

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28. Pete Sampras experienced one of the most emotional matches of his career, when he played Courier in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

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29. In 1995, Pete Sampras battled with co-patriot Andre Agassi for the world No 1 ranking.

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30. Pete Sampras finished the year as the clear No 1 and set a new ATP Tour record that year by becoming the first player to serve more than 1,000 aces in a season.

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31. Pete Sampras reached the semifinals of the Australian Open in early 1993, losing again to Stefan Edberg and matching the previous year's quarterfinal performance at the French Open.

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32. Pete Sampras played doubles with John McEnroe on the US team that won the Davis Cup, duplicating the feat in 1995.

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33. In 1992, Pete Sampras reached the quarterfinals of the French Open for the first of three consecutive years, made it to the Wimbledon semifinals, and was the runner-up at the US Open to Stefan Edberg.

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34. In 1991, Pete Sampras captured the first of his five career titles at the year-end Tennis Masters Cup.

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35. Pete Sampras played five more tournaments and won the Grand Slam Cup to complete his year.

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36. Pete Sampras beat Agassi in straight sets to become the US Open's youngest-ever male singles champion at the age of 19 years and 28 days.

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37. Pete Sampras reached the semifinals of the tournament in Los Angeles, where he lost to No 2 Stefan Edberg.

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38. Pete Sampras played seven consecutive weeks during the North American summer hard-court season.

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39. Pete Sampras finished 1990 at No 5, having started the year ranked No 61 just prior to the start of the Australian Open.

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40. At the US Open, Pete Sampras defeated defending champion and fifth-seeded Mats Wilander in the second round before losing to No 13 Jay Berger in the fourth round.

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41. Pete Sampras turned professional in 1988, at the age of 16, and finished the year ranked world No 97 after starting the year at No 893.

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42. Pete Sampras was spotted by Dr Peter Fischer, a pediatrician and tennis enthusiast, who coached Sampras until 1989.

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43. Pete Sampras won five US Open titles, a joint Open-era record shared by Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors, and two Australian Open titles.

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44. Pete Sampras is one of the most successful male players in the history of the Wimbledon Championships, winning the singles title seven times.

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45. Pete Sampras was born on August 12, 1971 as Petros Sampras and is an American former tennis player, widely regarded as one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

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